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Selling Alice and the Pirates and Hello Kitty [22 Nov 2010|08:23pm]

I'm selling an Alice and the Pirates neck piece as well as an official Hello Kitty bag. Check it out and if your interested drop me an email or comment with an offer!
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Friends Only! [03 Oct 2010|08:16pm]

Places where you can find me....

I will post my photography as public but personal rambles, photos and such are under a friends lock (:
Please comment here and say why you want to add me, then I will think about whether I would like to add you.

[♠] NitemareDesigns.co.uk (photography portfolio)

[♥] Nitemare Photography Myspace (photography + art portfolio)

[♥] Deviantart (photography + art portfolio)

[♥] Model Mayhem (photography + art portfolio)

[♣] Livejournal

[♠] DeathEpic
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Devious Journal Entry [17 Jun 2010|03:19pm]

A lot more coming soon!

Also go and become a fan of my FB group!
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want me to edit one of your photos? [15 Apr 2010|08:00pm]
After much thinking about my job and what I personally think I do well in, I've decided I want to have a job that is predominately image retouching. It's the part I love the most about my shoots!

So I need some photos to edit, just like...not loads, 1-2 per person. Anything from JPG to RAW (raw would be awesome as I love editing raw, lots of versatility). Anything from studio, location etc etc. I will edit them in a way I personally think improves the image, removing blemishes etc.
This is mainly for my portfolio so I can show the industry what I am all about. Also to show versatility in my portfolio.

Email is greyhearts@hotmail.com. Please put in the subject line that it's for these purposes!

Thanks guys!!
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Join my fan page! And blog! [11 Apr 2010|11:16pm]
So I am not going to be posted much on here anymore, maybe some private ramblings. Mainly because my job is sucking the life out of me with the large amount of travel I have to do.

I have a new singing all dancing phone now so hopefully I can update these more often :)
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Americas Next Top Model [07 Feb 2010|01:59pm]
So I have been watching a crap load of America's Next Top Model. Why? Because damnit the photography is out of this world and i'm interested in seeing how someone who looks particually normal IRL can look sooo stunning in photos.
In season...12 I think, the runner up was a girl called Allison. I want to shoot her, obviously can't as she is in America but still...check her out

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Creepy Queen [12 Jan 2010|11:59pm]

Model: Miss Cobweb http://www.modelmayhem.com/misscobweb
MUA & Hair: Makeup by Leanne http://www.modelmayhem.com/leannebisson
Clothing Designer: Sample Remix http://www.modelmayhem.com/sampleremix
Crown: Pearls & Swine http://www.modelmayhem.com/twinklebug
Necklace: LeeAeron Designs

Too lazy to properly update, for the whole set visit: www.nitemare-photography.deviantart.com

or join my Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nitemare-Photography/137250998733

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Looking for candylicious, yummyness clothing and jewlery designers [09 Jan 2010|12:00pm]
So myself and Creepy Queen Magazine are organizing the next shoot for their second magazine, due to release in July. I have a MUA (yay Leanne!) and hopefully a model (need to hear back from her) who is uber colourful and super cute. I have one jewellery designer already on board (http://blog.glamasaurus.com/) whose work is superb. I am looking for more designers but they need to do something unique and different to hers.

Right, so the brief is candy, sweets, yummy colourful ness. Me all over basically. I will be taking product shots as well as shots of the model with the clothing/jewellery etc etc. I'm looking to do it in my makeshift studio (man it's done so well for just a room and two lights!) with oversized lolipops, candies and the rest of it. Every designer will get information put on about the products they send as well as a link to their site. Remember this is a print magazine - brilliant publicity.

No one is getting paid for this whatsoever, i'm making absolutely no money for this so sending items back is going to be a pain in the butt for me due to my current work situation (aka, absolutely, and I'm not joking, no spare money..all spent on travel to actually get to work to pay for my mortgage). So I'm really looking for those who really appreciate this practically free publicity and a set of images that will make your online shop stand out.

I don't have a maximum of how many products to send me yet, I will do though.
I am desperate at the moment for a clothing designer (I'm really looking for cute couture, corsets, lace, colour etc) so please send me info like a Model Mayhem or a shop so I can see what your capable of. Or if you know someone who ticks all these boxes please send me their info.

So if your interested comment here and I will message you email details. Please no time wasters!
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MOAR! [19 Nov 2009|11:42pm]

D/A Submission

D/A Submission

I'm also working on a front cover set for a magazine with the combination of Miss Cobweb, Sample Remix, Floz as my awesome wig person and hopefully Pearls and Swine. Awesome!

House is slowly getting along, not def ours yet but should find out very soon.


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[05 Nov 2009|10:27pm]

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[02 Nov 2009|10:39pm]
A sneak peak of my lovely Dina.
Proper post later with the reason as to why i'm taking so long to edit ):

Now back to working on Floz!

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Rococo [23 Oct 2009|11:42pm]

A collaboration with basje (Etsy who very sweetly made the dress purposely for Floz.

More info on my deviant art submission ^^ here

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[21 Oct 2009|10:11pm]

Nitemare Photography on Facebook

Go join!

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meow [17 Oct 2009|11:15pm]

Dev Art

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Sex Kitten [17 Oct 2009|09:12pm]

Magnolia again <3

Deviant Art Submission
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Babyart [17 Oct 2009|09:06pm]

Pin up photos next :D

Deviant Art

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Babyart [20 Sep 2009|07:10pm]

Deviant Art upload

Deviant Art upload

A set thats a bit darker from what I usually do. Inspired by Babyart, of course (:

The model is the fabulous Magnolia. I enjoyed working with her so much, she is such a free spirit and so funny. We defiantly had a laugh!!

I have a few more from this set to edit then I have a whole NEW set to edit from her too :D

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Moar arts.... [19 Sep 2009|12:53am]

I have been off sick from work. NHS have issued me with TamiFlu, whether it is the pig flu - I dunno. Ne way, I've been spending my WHOLE day editing - must have edited 10-15 photos odd for DIY scene so I decided to finish a drawing I started at my sisters last week ^^

My first attempt in drawing lolita in my new found CG style :D

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Hansel and Gretel - fairy tale competition entry [15 Sep 2009|09:37pm]

My model is the fabulous Aiko and of course my honourable mention to Charlene who came down just to hang out and lend us her fantastic clothes.
Overall? I'm not a 100% happy with them, I mean..I love them as images but in regards to the competition they didn't do what I wanted them to. Oh well, I now have some superb photos from it!!!

D/a submissions: http://nitemare-photography.deviantart.com/
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Mousse au Chocolat [04 Sep 2009|11:07pm]

Deviant Art Upload

Photo for Mousse Au Chocolat
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