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Never Trust A Junkie.....

Love Kills......

26 August
Banner made by xnofeelings4ux

A rare breed of woman only few can handle. From our tough as nails kick ass attitudes, to our inate ability to thouroughly thrash on anyone that crosses us the wrong way. We bring it in the toughest of pits and the hardest of shows and we come out bumped, bruised, and bloody... but with the secret smile that we did 5 time worse to everyone else.
We are lovers of hard liquor and cheap beer and cigaretts. We are the cunts unafraid to start a revolution and have fun doing it. We will stomp your ass into oblivion... but we'll also be there to hold you up and carry you home when you're drunk ass is passed out besides the dumpster. we are protecters and watchers, doers and helpers.
we will be your toughest critic, best friend, and lover all in one. we are the punkrock cunts and we are a revolution unto ourselves.



courtney & frances are love

hole is love

courtney is love

kurtney is love

Paul is sex. I mean love! Paul is love.

Edward Eddie Furlong is Love!

img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v510/duffy_puff/iconsandshit/fourteenyears.jpg" > < /a >

[center][img src="http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b24/ladypadawan/markhamill.jpg"]
[a href="http://www.livejournal.com/user/ladypadawan/3683.html"]Mark Hamill is Adorable Love[/a][/center]

*** Retard Girl ***
Retard girl, makes us sick
Lets all poke her with a stick
Well she walks funny
Kind of like a pig
God I hate that retard girl
See the retard girl walking in her school
In the same dress from fouth grade
See the retard girl cross-eyes in the schoolyard
Looking for the friend she made
Retard girl
Retard girl
Retard girl, yeah
Don't forget her face
Now shines the moon among the lesser fire
She is sucking dick in, in the yard
Well she walks funny
Kinda like a pig
God i hate that retard girl
Hear the retard girl do one for me
She don't think like the others do
See the retard girl squirming in the mud
Throw her in the trash can, see what she does
Retard girl
Retard girl
Retard girl
Don't forget her face
I ask her mother "why'd you implode"
Well her head's so big it just might explode
Well she walks funny
Kind of like a pig
God i hate that retard girl
Hit her
See the retard girl staring at the sun
What does she see
See the retard girl stare at everyone
I hope she doesn't see me
Retard girl
The retard girl
The retard girl, yeah
Don't forget her face
Retard girl
The retard girl
The retard girl, whoa whoa whoa
Don't throw her away