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It's been awhile
It's been awhile since I have been on LJ, nearly a decade. I'm pretty sure most of you have already moved on. Those of you who are still active here, fb and skype has been a great form of contact with me if you haven't already added me on there. I have been lurking at certain lj communities here the past few weeks due to a renewed spark of interests of mine *cough* pokemon *cough*.

To those who solely use lj, how are things?

There's been a lot of changes for me this past decade.
-promoted at work twice (it'll be 10th year working in my research lab next year!)
-moved out of my family home
-recently got married

I'm not as responsive as I used to be-I have more responsibilities now than ever before such as the daily errands of cooking for oneself and the husband and other chores that I would only seldom do at home (the cooking part, at least) but I will try to update once in awhile here.

FINALLY--Many first times
It's been waaaaaaaay too long since I've last updated my lj, hasn't it? ANd i finally also changed my icon too (even though this one is also old =/).
I'll be finally graduating this FALL semester with my Biochemistry degree, then it's all up for grabs in what I want t do later on. I'm working at UC right now, once I graduate, I'll most likely be working full-time her and maybe go up a few levels in terms of positions.
Last week and this week were pretty good. On Friday, I was invited to the Biochemistry/Chemistry Dept Graduation ceremony--one of my friends is graduating and invited me but I had a couple of people there I knew who were graduating *is going to miss them*. It was held at the Golf Clubhouse in Lake Merced so I practically had to walk the entire Lake Merced before I was able to find the Clubhouse =A=; After the ceremony, another Sandy, one of the graduates and a classmate/friend of mine in Biochem, took Melissa (another Biochem pal of mine) and I to dinner (we fought over the bill but she won..and let her bf pay for it DX;) and then..we went to a bar. Gods, I've never really been to an ACTUAL bar before. But being the responsible one there, I didn't go play the lying game which, if you lost, you had to drink..or do pushups and situps..not good after eatign dinner...I found that peer pressure doesn't work on me ahahah, not in this case anyway. I just watched everyone play the game and was satisfied with that. I did get an alcoholic drink but it wasn't strong since I couldn't go to sleep until 3am on Saturday (I came home around 1130pm).
Come Saturday, I was invited to another Grad party,another dinner but I met up with some family friends there and they told me to say hi to Dad XD; Pretty uneventful morning--pull weeds in the backyard..had to clean the dog, yes, I have a dog in the house...I don't really like him very much though--as long as he's not in my way, I'm fine with him.
Sunday, I walked 5 hrs with Eva, a Quant friend of mine, throughout Chinatown, North Beach, the Embarcadero, and back to Chinatown.
Monday, I WAS ABLE TO GO TO FANIME!~~ WOOT. I met some of the greatest artists on deviantart there! I might be able to hang around J-town with one of the deviantart artists this coming Sunday for an hour but it's still in the works.
I WILL be going to Fanime next year, the entire weekend because I preregistered for it. I hope to see some of you there--I haven't been able to see any of you for..ages DX

Personality Test
Click to view my Personality Profile page

Eight Badges..now what?

I have been procrastinating defeating the elite..because I want to level up and train my hard-to-train pokemon XD

ds friend code/trainer card
subject to change once I get more badges XD;
I got Diamond this Sunday and yeah ^^

If anyone wants to battle or trades something on wifi let me know ^_^v
I'm tired DX

omfg this makes sense >__
MAD LIBS thing from roko epsilon
To Quickly Kiss

Kakuzu and Hidan were celebrating a sheen Valentine's Day together. Kakuzu had cooked a silky dinner and they ate in a cave by candlelight.

"My darling," Hidan said, stroking Kakuzu's face, "I have something for you." He gave a box to Kakuzu. "It is but a dark token of my rough love."

Kakuzu opened the box. Inside was a sandy tentacle! He gazed at it stealthily. Then he gazed at Hidan stealthily. "It's dry," Kakuzu said. "Come here and let me kiss you."

Just then, a stitchy crone sprang out of hiding and cackled like the sound of lord jashin's believers. "Your happiness will not last!" she said in a silver voice and dropped a piece of paper onto the dinner table.

Hidan read it. "It's a page from a diary. It says...it says that you're my brother."

They stared at each other shockingly as the crone cackled some more. Kakuzu's heart began to tremble. Then Hidan shrugged, pulled out a scythe, and hit the crone on her mouth. She fell over dead.

"Problem solved!" Kakuzu said and kissed Hidan hurredly. "This is a sharp Valentine's Day!"

They loudly burned the diary page in the candle and never told another soul.

And then they kissed each other all night long.

How did I do it XD?

VGL stuff again
Loading pictures XD
I'm too lazy to do the link thing..so I'm just inserting it. I sat on the balcony again except this time it's further down. Also, I didn't have to pay the extra service charge since I bought it at the box office this time X3~ I will have video stuff loaded later on on youtube but as of now, youtube's not working DX

And the winner of the Wii is...

Fonze's sister..

Fonze close up with his org XIII outfit..goggles XD

I dont know what cosplay this is >__> But they're really good =D

Mario and his guitar X3~ I have to e-mail this guy soon XD

FOnze and I...er I failed at Dei's hair lol XD

Alot of ppl in the Masonic Auditorium..I'm standing up the stairs where to my right (you cant see it) the media is interviewing fonze and his sister..I'm so glad I'm not in it

The stage.. =D

*Hyperventilates* I GOT BACK FROM VGL...It ended up finishing around 11:30pm..Let's see...what to say..they started out with a COSPLAY CONTEST before the show..and guess what?? CONGRATS FONZE for winning his SECOND WII cosplaying as ORGANIZATION XIII from KHII X3~~. Anyway..alot of people won things tonight..The orchestra and audience in VGL (Video Game Live) was fun...they started out with the old classic games such as tetris, Pong, Frogger etc then Metal Gear Solid Music..and there was a troop member who went up on stage and later had a "!" sign on his back XD then he couldnt find the guy who was hiding in the box hahaha...ok you guys didnt get that >__> Afterwards.. there were some pieces I dont know..Like Civilization IV and MYST (although I heard the latter title before)..then there was LIBERALI FATALI from FF VIII, HIKARI (orchestral version) from KH, oh..and KONDO was there...and ZELDA was performed right before intermission X3~ Before intermission, there was an interactive aud/orch part where a person was chosen from the audience to play SPACE INVADERS..the guy had to move himself side to side so the ship could move XD and he had to hit that red ship in around 2.30 mins..he didn't succeed..BUT he won a DS Lite..no complaining in that. After intermission, we had some non-game music to start with about the past Wars in Europe...then there was Warcraft..then a title I dont know..>__> There was a Frogger interactive where two ppl tried to play Frogger and get the highest score to win an INTEL LAPTOP...there was Sonic music..Super Mario Brothers Music..and Martin Leung, pianist and IMPROV EXTRAORDINAIRE improvised onthemes on FF music (I the theme, IV/VI the theme, VII Aeris theme, One winged angel theme, VIII Eyes on me theme with the waltz theme later entered, FFIX melodies of life, VIII Liberali Fatali, FFX Zanarkand, and some other FF theme..only one that I forget what it was..). Same pianist also later played themes with Super Mario (the ATHLETIC RAG OMFG...) and Pac Man..and the TETRIS one..that I know is part of a theme in Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 (you guys didn't KNOW that DID you XD?)..KONDO also played the piano!!! He played Super Mario Bros music! Then the last few pieces..HALO..including HALO III..and the encore HAD to be ONE WINGED AGEL from FFVII. Although I really enjoyed the night..I thought all the vocalists could have sung up a notch because the orchestra was just totally covering them up..esp for all the FF chorus repertoire they sang...I really wanted to HEAR them >__> Well..anyway... Fonze is probably still waiting in the Masonic Auditorium to get his stuff signed..he has my program (did you know that concerts such as Dear Friends FF and VGL dont give you free programs..you BUY them!! They're ~15-20USD for ONE DX;)..anyway...I really hope he has Kondo signing it too *__* But I can't ask for much..I really appreciate you doing that for me Demi!!!~~
I guess I'm the FIRST person to come back home from VGL and post this on devart XD I also promised a certain Mario cosplayer that I will post up his cosplay pic here...I need to e-mail him that later ^^;

OMFG, it's been like the LONGEST time since I last tried finding my YGO trading/FET collection binder. And today.I FREAKIN FOUND IT!!!!!!! It magically appeared out of no where in front of my living room table...........>_____>; Still has everything in it XD;

Anyway, on another note. Happy 21st Birthdat Chris ^^;

Important News from JTAF PLEASE READ ASAP
Hey Everyone,

I normally wouldn't ask for anyone's help for the convention, but I
wouldn't ask you if I didn't need it.

As most of you know, the 4th Annual Japantown Anime Faire (JTAF 4) is
taking place on September 16-17, 2006 and we're really excited to put
the show together for everyone. The Japantown Merchants Association,
Issui-Kai, Japantown Task Force and other organizations have agreed to
donate vacant shop spaces to house certain events of the Japantown
Anime Faire for the weekend, focusing JTAF traffic into the businesses
that are helping to grow Japantown's local economy in San Francisco.
The artist and swap meet section, one video room, and a panel space
have a home in the mall spaces and you will be able to see them thanks
to your support of this year's Faire as part of Japantown's 100th year
anniversary celebration.

I have been keeping silent about the concern for the additional spaces
around Japan Center due to the sale of certain portions of Japantown
and had hoped that the sale of Japan Center by Kintetsu
Enterprises--which unsuspectedly occurred during the 3rd Annual
Japantown Anime Faire--would not affect the overall operations of the
convention this year. I had attended town hall meetings and met with
Joie De Vivre, the new owners of the Miyako Hotel and Miyako Inn, when
they were announced to the Japantown community and they promised to
work with the community for their events. I had decided to continue
working with the Miyako Hotel under their new management team, but as
part of the new ownership, the hotel has decided that the hotel will
undergo future remodeling work and will bill new and returning business
-- including Japantown Anime Faire -- accordingly. While JTAF works
closely with the Japantown Merchants Association, the 100th Anniversary
of Japantown Committee and the Consul General of Japan in San
Francisco, we have been able to use most of the resources we had
available to us to ensure that this year's show will be a celebration
fitting for the celebration of 100 years of Japanese culture in the San
Francisco Bay Area. However, because of the the new billing structure,
which is three times our previous costs and the future remodel of the
Miyako Hotel and Miyako Inn, Japantown Anime Faire is not able to make
the total cost that the hotel is asking for.


While the convention will still continue to take place in Japan Center,
we will lose the additional venues and the events associated with them
and the parts that we will need will be relocated. The Miyako Hotel
spaces affected for this year's show are:

Since there would be no events taking place in the Miyako Hotel, the
registration area will be relocated to one of the mall spaces in Japan

All video programming scheduled for this room would be cancelled from
the JTAF video lineup or rescheduled in the remaining video room
located within the Japan Center malls.

All Saturday concert, including Opening Ceremonies with Gen Taiko and
concerts by Mari Iijima, Random Ninjas, akai SKY, The Shogunate, Neko
Punch, ArtBeat, Stephanie Yanez with SLY would be cancelled. The
cancellation of the performances would also affect the shuttle service
on Saturday night for Otaku Bowl - JTAF Remix at Classic Bowling

The Dealer's Room would be eliminated and vendors will be refunded.

Console and Tabletop gaming would continue pending available spaces in
Japan Center.

The JDV Miyako Hotel is currently seeking a grand total of $14,083.30
by 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time on September 7, 2006.

Current attendee pre-registrations provide us with about $3,500 in
revenue towards the balance and Project 760 Productions will try to
match this number as best as it could, as will other vendors in the
area before . With that being said, we need to raise at least $7,083
in order to save the Miyako Hotel spaces and the events associated with
them. This is not something I would normally request from anyone, but
in order for this to work, I will need your help.

If you are willing to contribute any dollar amount to the hotel, please
go to the Sales & Catering Office at the Miyako Hotel, located at 1625
Post Street in San Francisco and say that you would like to make a
partial payment to the rooms for JTAF-4 Japantown Anime Faire. If you
are not able to make it there in person, please call the hotel locally
at 415/922-3200 and ask for the Sales & Catering Office and request
that you would like to make a partial payment to the rooms reserved for
JTAF-4 Japantown Anime Faire. They should be able to help you with the
different payment options available to you. Remember, this is not a
loan but a donation to the convention and you may not get it back. If
we are able to save the spaces by 5:00PM today, we will continue to
host the events scheduled for those spaces. Otherwise, we will cancel
the events scheduled for those spaces and continue JTAF 4 in the
remaining mall spaces or cancel JTAF 4.

The project760.com site is down right now, so all e-mails should be
directed to me at worldofanime760@yahoo.com.

If you can help, thank you so much for your support. I hope that we
can be able to bring JTAF to Japantown again.


Ray Nagar
Chief Director, 4th Annual Japantown Anime Faire (JTAF 4)
Presented by Project 760 Productions

That's all, if you havent received it before