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Meaningless Existence Belongs To Me And To Me Only...

What I am, was, will never be..

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life...ha...don't talk to me about life!

Here are a few albums that I've got/heard and it'll give you an indication of what I'm into, rather than you having to trawl through my interests!:

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my character on the Union server of City of Heroes!

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User Number: 2044627
Date Created:2004-01-29
Number of Posts: 347

Don't judge a book by its cover...i'm intelligent and unique (if you don't believe me then ask my friends!!)
Strengths: friendly, unique, terrible flirt, intelligent, can do cute things (you'll have to get to know me personally to see this trait!)
Weaknesses: rich chocolate (drool!), ladies (cause of my flirtave nature)
Special Skills: ability to be extreemely bitchy if you get on the wrong side of me
Weapons: my kinky new rocks, bad attitude

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2000ad, 3d modelling, 80's cartoons, 80's music, age of empires, age of mythology, albert einstein, alien series, alternative rock, amiga games, angel, anime(manga), artificial intelligence, astronomy, astrophysics, bailey's, bars, batman, batman begins, batman returns, battletech, beetlejuice, being happy, bill bailey, bitching, black holes, blackadder series, buffy, chaos, chess, chez geek, cocktails, colossus, comedy, cooking, cosmology, ctrlaltdel, dark horse comics, diablo, dragons, dungeons & dragons cartoon, dvds, dyspraxia, fab cafe, fantasy, final fantasy series, first person shooters, ghostbusters films, gothy kate beckinsale, gp2x, greek mythology, h r giger, highlander series, homebrew development, horror, jaguar xj220, japan, japanese culture, japanese weaponary, jillys, jim carey, jrr tolkien, knightmare, land of the giants, linux, liquidgeneration.com, lord of the rings, lucasarts adventure games, malibu, manchester, manchester metropolitan university, mechcommander, mechwarrior, megadrive gaming, michael keaton, motorbikes, muse, new rocks, ninja, ninjitsu, predator series, programming, psychology, punk, randomness, red dwarf, red vs blue, richard o'brian, robocop, robocop 2, rocky horror picture show, role playing, samurai pizza cats, sarah michelle gellar, sci-fi, scrapheap challenge, shinobi series, slackware, spectrum games, star trek, star wars, starship troopers, svg, sword and sorcery, terry pratchett, the crystal maze, the invaders, the league of gentlemen, the terminator series, the tick, the young ones, tornadoes, venom, vodka, webcomics, willow, wolverine, x beyond the frontier, x2 the threat