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I wrote something else! :3

More Inuyasha dribble... xD

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How long has it been now...?

I should really look into updating this stupid journal lol

Well, I've been a busy person! XD Between cosplaying at conventions, to hanging out with my favorite person, my Summer has been active.

Still working at Schlotzsky's! >.> That, however, isn't all that great. But I still have a job, thus money, so that's good. Right? I am also going to start work at Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens this Fall. I'm going to be a "Dark Mage" and roam around scaring people :D Tons of fun!

I have gone to more anime conventions this year than ever. At the end of May, I went to Animazemnet in Raligh, North Carolina. I cosplayed as Miroku and Tifa Lockhart, which was a lot of fun. I met April that weekend and shared a hotel with her and her husband, Steven along with James, Adam, and crazy Tamika >.> She was craaazy!

Then I went to Anime Mid Atlantic about two weeks later. Cosplayed Miroku and Lindsay came along as Sango. We had so much fun! My goodness, between the karaoke, the groping, and the pictuers, it was well worth it. Traveled to Chesapeake, VA, which is very close by.

In August, I went to Otakon 2010! All the way up in Baltimore, Maryland. The car ride was around 5 hours long X__x but it was worth the wait. I met a most wonderful guy named Kenny, who kept me lots of company. I cosplayed Miroku that weekend as did he. I bought a very cute Sango plushie, since I missed Lindsay so much! :( But it was okay.

After I got home, I spent the week with her, watching movies, ordering pizza, and snuggling on the couch <3 I miss her now, since she is back in school. It's been lonely...

Anyway, Nekocon is coming in November! OMG! I have a grand total of... *drum roll* six costumes to make! O_O I have quite a bit done as of now, but with work taking up so much time, I hope I can get it all done.

Well, that's about it. :3 Here's to the rest of the year and Nekocon!!! Wooo!

Muhaha. I wrote something.

So... I wrote this random little thing that has nothing to do with anything. Like, it spewed out of the air and then on to paper. And it was raining that day, too... xD

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Can I Take Your Order?

When I go out to eat, I expect the staff to have some kind of common sense. You know, a head on their shoulders and the brains to know they have work? Well, I ran into a very close fussing contest last night at a pub/grill. Food was amazing, by the way. But that's where the amazing ended.

I get there and have to go to the bathroom, having drunken a lot of green tea. Whatever, watch my coat, please, I ask Daryl and go off. So, what's the first thing I notice? There are a few paper towels on the floor. Meh, whatever. That's not going to kill me, right? However, it was the stalls that made me mad. All of them had the toilet paper rolls on the floor, and who knows where peoples feet have been, or someone vomiting on the floor. Ugh. So, I pick the somewhat together stall and try and lock the door. I have this thing about doors and bathrooms. It HAS to lock. Sure, I have nothing women haven't seen before, but I can't do that. So the lock was making me paranoid. I didn't finish, though cause someone came in and I got paranoid. I wash my hands and leave. Was not worth it.

So we order food and it comes out quick and it is sooo good! But, it was a sad thing to have to flag down the waitress, who should be in her area, just to get a refill. If I could get it myself, I would, but your job is to do "wait" on me, not talk to some random guy you might get fucked by tonight. I am sure her manager would agree with me that a customers glass should never be half empty/half full. You should ask. And you would get "Sure, I would!", or "No, thanks." Well, that is a bit too perfect, yes? I'm not complaining about the soda, just the fact that she neglected us.

Oh, but it gets better. We ask for a to-go box. She's like, "Sure, be right back!" So we are waiting for her, and waiting... and waiting. You know what was sad? We asked another waitress to get a to-go box for us, and she was back in a few seconds. We mentioned she hadn't been doing her job that well, and her friend advised her to go see if we needed anything. I know I wasn't mad. Yet, anyway. But I could have been a total bitch and told her manager. She comes back, looking paranoid, and asks if we need anything. Daryl gets his water and we are fine. But she vanishes AGAIN. Now for the grand finale.

She finally gets us our checks. She handed it to Daryl, and we marked off who had what. So he gets the money and sends one of our friends to pay the tab. Another annoyed customer, by the way. At first, she doesn't return our change. Now, I'm no waitress but I know damn well you better not assume that change equals a tip. Even coin change! That is NOT YOUR MONEY! You do not simply get a tip, you earn one. It is not an obligation to tip a waitress if the service was bad. So then, Daryl asks for a copy of his receipt. This should have been offered to him or whoever payed for the meal. She went to re=print it, but found she could not. There was a look of horror on her face as she realized she had thrown it out. In the trash. Well, it would have been one thing if Daryl went in the trash himself and retrieved it. But what pissed me off the most was that she dug in the trash can and gave it to him. It wasn't that it was deep down in the nasty-ness, just the act alone. I was furious and left with my friend Brian, and ranted to him. I was shaking all over as my blood pressure skyrocketed.

Needless to say, I will give her one more chance to redeem herself. However, if she fails to even go to standard expectations, then I will speak to a manager. You may think I am bitching, but in reality, it all comes down to proper etiquette. I don't mean be up someone's ass all night, just keep your eyes and ears open. If you see their drink low, ask to refill. If their plate is empty, ask if they are finished. If they have a question, try your best to answer, and if you don't know, ASK!

New stuff?

So, I have not updated this in such a long time~! Agh. I have neglected e-mail and other things for twisted ninja. why? My mind is on porn. Simple as that.

Lately, things have been slow, with Nekocon over. No cons are too close by, except Katsucon, but that is up in the air. The next big event is Yaoicon, at least I hope. That, too, is up in the air somewhere. But I'm not stressing on anything yet.

I've already gotten myself into shit by taking on 4 costumes this year ('09) They consist of:
Rinoa Heartily (FFVII), for myself, and a secret surprise cosplay as well. The other two are Sora (KH2) for my brother, Thomas, and Mitsunari Ishida (SW2) for Tasha. I'm only stressing about those boots, really. They are funky, and I epic fail with footwear.

Speaking of footwear, I have just purchased two new pairs of shoes. One pair will be used for work/Rinoa cosplay. They are combat style, with the amount of holes, the only thing is they need to be black and need a buckle thingy (i dunno, it was in the picture) But that is minor. They are super supportive and easy to work in. Also, I found this pair of black fuzzy boots that are SO FREAKING SOFT. Oh my god I could walk all over in them. No reason for them, jut insulated, and cute.

New games? YES! I have now Warriors Orochi 2, Dynasty Warriors 2(Thanks Daryl!), Dynasty Warriors 5: XL, Dynasty Warriors 6, Dynasty Warriors Advanced (Thanks Daryl!), Guitar Hero 1 & 2, (OMG LUV!!!) Aaaaannnnnd....*glances* think that's all. I've been playing Kingdom Hearts 2 a lot, though NOW they bring out RE: Chain Of Memories! Ugh. Another $30 down the tube. xD I dunno I may wait on that. I bet I could get it used later, and I have already played through most of the GBA version. (Well, I wanna see the ending... >.>) But I will most likely wait on that. Oh, I am borrowing Final Fantasy 8 and Devil May Cry from Tasha :D and Devil Kings! Oh man Devil Kings is SO FUN! But I can only play so much before my head hurts. ;_; But I don't need to play so much anyway. I need to finish FFVIII before Nekocon next year, and Daryl says he will help me, but how can he when I play at all hours of the day? XD

Now, let me see. Thanksgiving was good. I was home with my mom and brothers this time so I was happy. My dad is home now, so I dunno about Christmas. Maybe, since he acts like they want him back asap! And the pay is really good, too. So my mom is happier cause she can pay bills with ease. And that makes me happy to see her relaxed. But I won't count on Christmas at home this year, but I will hope.

I just bought a Rinoa and Squall ring set for $9. Yay. Now I don't have to search all over the place. I won't use the dumb chain they give me. My mom and I looked for a good half hour for the right chain and she got it for me <3 so I will use it :D

*glances at daryl* He's playing portal, so I'm watching. I think I'll update more later? Till next time! Bye bye!

ps: the cake is a LIE!

Updating? XD

So. Shrooms and mozz sticks are love. And so is cherry coke.

I come from a land down under. I wish I was there, by the way. *lubs on international stamp* Mel is getting a letter soon so there! <3

I want to work on my costume. But, you know how it is when you don't feel like doing anything and yet you want to do it? Ugh. And my tummy hurts. I haven't eaten much today, so I stuffed down greasy goodness, now I am paying for it. Bleh.

I did get my iPod to work, which meant hellogoodbuy is on it now. And then I got ~Circuit~ to play! and I have an instrumental version... So karaoke time? For nekocon, more than likely. That, or Through the Night. xP I dunno yet. David wants to sing Carnival Babel, but he has not memorized the song yet. >.> And I am more worried about him acting dumb, or having a dumb idea on stage. >.< I need to make a good impression so when people see me during the cosplay, they'll be like "Oh, she had a cool karaoke last night~"

I'm so odd feeling right now. I have a stuff to prepare for, and I am so sad my best friend is leaving for good. I feel so empty now, and I don't really know what to do with myself. I think I would feel better if I had something accomplished, but I don't feel like doing much of anything, the way work drains me.

Ugh. *dies* I'm gonna go home and play KH 2 or write. And have some cherry coke. <3


New layout.

I felt it was time for a change... <3 So I have a few new icons, all hailing from Dynasty Warriors DS, which is sooo cute~ *points to icon* Isn't he adorable~? Anyway, I have been working away on Otakon costumes. Otakon is so close now I can almost taste it! *dances* Daryl may be going as Zhou Yu, but that is still up in the air and depending on if I can get it done it time.

Anyway, I got a chest compresser and it arrived today. I tried it out with my Sun Ce costume.


I think that looks SO MUCH BETTER!


That was how it was before... Ugh, boobs. *dies*

Anyway, *more dancing* Time for tacos.

Cosplay Update!

So here are a few pics of what I have been working on so far.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here are the pants and shirt for Daryl's Zhou Yu costume. I like how it's coming along, really. I'm hoping I can get some advice from others, just so I can use it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here is three of fabrics for the costume. The red for the tunic, and the purple for some of the armor.*squee* I LOVE the purple to death. Soooo pretty. And we got it on sale!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here I am posing with my ghetto tonfa... xD They are so bad!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Now, for Oichi. This is what it may look like, but it's pinned out th wazoo... O_o sooo many pins. Crazy... And the bottom is the back of it. :D

Gah... sooo much work to do!

More work stuff

I found it so funny today, as I was changing the ice that I was muttering to myself "This is for Sun Ce...". Those ice buckets are heavy! By Nekocon, I'll *look* like Sun Ce in the arms! xD That'd be funny.

I wrote on the back of my Soup of the Day list: Will work for fabric. It's true, though. I would. I worked today from 9:00AM - 4:30PM. Not so bad, except I was on my feet the whole time. I thought I would be getting off at 2:00, so I didn't take a break when it was offered, but one of the cashiers was upset and I was asked to stay until 4:00. I didn't mind that so much, but I didn't let them keep me another hour and a half when a newbie came in and I was asked if I could stay behind until 5:30. I said I'm sorry, but it's been a long day, and a long time since I have worked like this. I stayed until 4:30 to help the new girl out, who is really nice and a good listener, too. It seemed I made a good impression on her, as well, which boosted my ego. Someone to talk to! It's nice.

When Athena came in and saw me training the girl, she said "Four days and they already have you training?" xD I also found it funny that even though I am still training, and I should have someone watch me on the register, no one does... Am I that quick of a learner?

Tomorrow I go in at 9:00AM... I really don't wanna. Maybe if I could sleep better, I wouldn't mind waking up so much. I don't mind it really, once I start working and all. It's just a lot of work, and I would rather work at night and clean up, rather than preparing all that stuff in the morning.

Ugh. I'll be alright, I suppose. It's all for my cosplay and savings account in the end, and I'm much happier working like a dog than sitting around all day long. It makes the day feel better.