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Happy Birthday One Direction!!


I'm still so proud of my boys!
It's ridiculous that I get emotional over a band, but when it comes the these boys, I always  have.

Been really sick for the last few days.
Will get on tomorrow to write a proper post and respond to birthday wishes. xoxo

Need to read...

Hi all

Can anyone please rec me some good fanfics?

One Direction - Larry Stylinson
Queer as Folk - Brian/Justin
Teen Wolf - Sterek

Pretty Please 💕💕💕💕💕💕


My fangirl mind....

So, I've been stuck in bed for the last couple of days with a migrane.
So, no lights, no reading, no screens. Nothing to keep me occupied except my mind.
So, of course, I ended up with a full re-imagining of Queer As Folk, with Derek and Stiles instead of Brian and Justin. lol
And, because I've seen all of the eps so many times I was able to play out entire scenes, word for word.....
And, yes, I am a giant geek! hehe

Not that I don't LOVE LOVE LOVE Brian and Justin, just mixing it up a bit for my own amusement ;-)





I can't believe that 2015 is over already!!!... But, I'm not so sad to see it go.
I can honestly say that this year has been one of the toughest of my life so far, due to my depression and anxiety.
Life just got on top of me and that was that. I was down for the count.
The change of year signifies an end for me, and I am determined to climb back up and beat this bitch!! ;-)
So, that is why I have been so terrible at LJ for quite a while now. I've had people unfriend me, and I'm sure the rest of you think I've jumped ship. lol

I have decided, this year is MY year!!
I'm going to get my life back on track, and hopefully that translates into you lot seeing a lot more of me on here :-)

Miss you all!!!


I'm Back.......

Wow, it has been MONTHS since I  have logged on here.
Will give a proper update soon, just wanted to say HI, I've missed you guys!


This makes me very happy!.... but the big question is, will Tommy Joe be coming too?

Happy Birthday Becky!!!...

I'm a day late, but I have to post because I love this chicky SOOOOOO much!!!


I miss you
Love You

Hope you had an incredible day.
Will find time to get on and catch up properly soon!!



Hi all,
I'm alive, I'm still here on lj, ive just been really sick for a couple of weeks.
I'll be back soon.
Here, have a butterfly unicorn kitty! xoxo

Top 10 fave TV characters...

I was tagged for this on Twitter and decided I should share it here too.


1. Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf  
2. Justin Taylor - Queer as Folk  
3. Dean Winchester - Supernatural  
4. Derek Hale - Teen Wolf 
5. Castiel - Supernatural   
6. Jon Snow - Game of Thrones              
7. Sam Winchester - Supernatural     
8. Maxxie Oliver - Skins (gen 1)   
9. Isaac Lahey - Teen Wolf
10. Tenth Doctor -Doctor Who
11. Jack Harkness - Torchwood      
12. Spike - Buffy

(I cheated and put 12)

Sorry the pic isn't under a cut. Doing this on my phone, so don't know how.

Not going to tag anyone, but please join in the fun.
Either in the comments here or on your LJ. (If on your lj, please let me know in the comments here so I can come see)
Picture isn't really needed, that's just me getting my geek on. List is fine :-)

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