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Random stuff...


I just shot some random things on Easter. My boyfriend drove around for awhile while we looked for things for me to photograph. We arrived too early to his sister's house so this killed some time. By the way, that never happens lol.

It's been awful weather here lately and interesting subjects are hard to come by lol. Come on Spring!!!!


"Floating by"
"Floating By"

On Easter I dabbled a little into portrait photography. I have more, but I didn't feel like posting them lol.

This is my boyfriend's nephew who his Mom says "never sits still like that," lol.
He's a great kid!

...and of course his neice (SO cute!), she was getting ready to go on an Easter egg hunt outside.
"Ready for the hunt"

Say hi, hope you are all doing well!
I can't wait for some warm weather so I can take more pictures outside. My fingers turned red taking those first two lol.

Feel free to click the photos for more info on Flickr.

As always, thank you so much for looking!

-Ash : )

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