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Shara - The Ever Lost Adventurer
07 April 2009 @ 06:07 pm
I've had to call off my trip to visit Hannah in York...i am inexpressibly bummed about this, but am getting to the point where i can't sleep because of lack of getting work done (thus exacerbating the problem) . I am getting work done, just not enough, the enormity of it all is sort of making me want to cry. It'll be manageable, but i can't run off for 5 days and enjoy myself *sigh*. Hopefully i will get up there after Exams, and life will be good. Stupid LSE...

In other news: 
Today's runes: Current: Nyd - need/limitation, Obstacles: Ur - life force/strength/courage (Reversed) Future:  Wynn - perfection, achievement of wishes/Joy

Lets just go with i'm looking for more clarity and growth in my life, this seems like a good start. Tomorrow is Passover, i think i might try and go to temple, if i can find one.  I am however enjoying getting the feel for these runes, i've looked up several different interpretations of them, to get more of a feel for what they mean. Everyone says it a different way, so i'm aiming to sort of merge everything and understand the deeper meaning and context.  Or i could just be insane...maybe a bit of both.
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Shara - The Ever Lost Adventurer
10 January 2009 @ 04:30 pm
Still doing the major sleeping thing...but, that's what Sunday is for. So far I haven't gotten anything done save a bit of shopping. Mainly because it was that or eat paint chips for dinner ;) On the way out i discovered that a small water main, or some sort of pipe, has gone SPLODEY in my parking lot, thus flooding it. Thankfully, It shouldn't affect me as i am above street level, and it's pretty far down, but it's still interesting to see. Apparently the Thames is flooding...nothing like the Potomac River a-la-massive walls of water and flooding, but a bit of a mess none the less. Sad to say, it was too dark to get any good pictures.

Anyway,  Welcome back to London to me!

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Shara - The Ever Lost Adventurer
09 January 2009 @ 01:22 pm
The river has more colors at sunset
Than my sock drawer ever dreamed of
I could wake up screaming sometimes
But I don't
I could step off the end of this pier but I got shit to do
And I've an appointment on tuesday
To shed uninvited blood and tissue
I'll miss you I say
To the river to the water
To the son or daughter
I thought better of
I could fall in love
With jersey at sunset
But I leave the view to the rats
And tiptoe back

- Excerpt from tiptoe by Ani DiFranco

So i'm back in London.  The flight was amazingly, and mercifully short, clocking in at around 5 1/2 hours. I was expecting closer to 7, so that was great. Rather than sleep I treated myself to the cinematic glories that are the new Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Mummy: Curse of the whatsit (the third dragon emperor one) and bits and pieces of Mama Mia.  Cinematic masterpieces all,  let me tell you.  About 3 hours into the flight it got rather bumpy, which I never handle well. There's something really twisted about the fact that I fly as often as I do, yet I am terrified  of flying. I hate it, i really do. Most of the time I do just fine, but at the slightest hint of turbulance, I get white knuckled gripping the seat, have trouble breathing and have to try not to cry. On this particular flight, there is a place in heaven for the very nice flight attendant who took one look at me and said "let me get you a drink" and came back with a very nice, soothing vodka cranberry. Bless you man, you made life so much better. 
  I spent the meandering time in the customs line chatting with a nice guy from Canada who was a masters student in Finland, and then headed home. Wherein a slept all day...oops. Fail at travel 101 for me, but damn I was tired. (Tired enough that when I woke up and tried to plug my laptop in, I didn't think ot check if the surge protector my dad got me could handle 210 current...answer being NO (and boom).

In theory, i really should do some form of food shopping tonight, as i have some goldfish and half a bagel to eat for dinner...but i dont think i will be doing that, i'm totally wiped, and will be taking a sleeping pill around 10 to make sure i stay out. Tomorrow I have to start researching/writing the paper i put off ALL of winter break that is due next friday and clean my flat like WOAH. When i came in the door I actually thought it had been broken into for a minute...then i remembered that i just hadn't had the chance to clean the place before i left. Whoops.

Anyways...have some pictures.
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Shara - The Ever Lost Adventurer
05 January 2009 @ 12:21 am
So....as you may have noticed, I tend to stop updating when I am off you know...enjoying my life :p  Take the fact that I pretty much vanished this past month as a good sign. The past week has been a great opportunity to recharge my batteries and catch up with people.
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Shara - The Ever Lost Adventurer
21 January 2008 @ 06:23 am

THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE is why I decided I didn't want to be a doctor....this whole out of the house by 7 am thing (don't forget, it's earlier when there's rounds!) is just evil. There will be none of this.  On the other hand This is entirely worth reading, and an interesting comentary on the oversimplification of historical figures - specifically MLK. I'd be interested what various folks have to say on it and even more interested in reading more about him now.  I know more than "I have a dream", but some of what was said in that article I didn't know, and i'm curious. A+ CNN, your mission accomplished.

Interestingly enough, an article in Time also concludes that today will be The Most Depressing Day of the Year. Here's hoping folks have a good day i guess. This morning I am headed off into the city to pitch in as secretary for my Dad, as the wonderful ladies at the office have stepped out for MLK day. Let us all pray that I don't screw anything up in an amazing fashion! (or if i do, let it at least be *really* amazing
Have a good week everyone, I'll post from Geneva and London (and probably the airport ;p)

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Shara - The Ever Lost Adventurer
19 January 2008 @ 11:07 pm
 I have exactly 1400 email messages in my Hotmail account. Does this mean something? Probably not, but it was interesting to note.  I spent the evening battling old computers in an attempt to consolidate my music collection, the short version is that ITunes can kiss my ass, but i totally won. (it just took five hours). For the most part JTerm has been uneventful, consisting mostly of bouncing between Michigan and New Jersey, and doing lots of consolidating etc. Oh, and weeding - lots of weeding. For example, i've pulled some 7+ paper bags worth of books out of my room for donation etc. The theme of the past week has been 'this is not my problem, make it go away'. Somewhere along the line my Dad started dumping random things in my room he didn't know what to do with - i.e. two dustbusters, three telephones (all broken), three alarm clocks, two GIANT boxes of tupperware (So that's why i had no space under my sink!) and sever miscellaneous gigantic pieces of plastic...we're still not sure what they are for. All i care about is that they are not my problem and do not belong  in my room.

Monday I'm subbing as a secretary for my Dad in the morning, and then in the evening we're off to Geneva and London. I've got a day and a half to see Geneva...so far i know that i want to see the Palais des Nations (headquarters for the League of Nations), and possibly the Red Cross Museum, but no other plans. Seems a bit cold to see a 500m high water spout or a giant lake (Lake Geneva) in January.  Anyone have recommendations?  I'm not sure what I'll get up to in London, mostly prowling around the London School of Economics and heading out to Cambridge for a day.  (There will also be a Scouting expedition for Kiera with regards to wedding dresses).

I'm looking forward to heading back to school, though I'm kind of sad/terrified/excited/petrified about my last semester at MHC. Truthfully, it's the closest thing I've had to a home for the past four years, one of the few truly stable things in my life. At the same time, I'm ready to be moving on, just well...OHMYGODSCARED. :D

You know the drill
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Shara - The Ever Lost Adventurer
05 December 2007 @ 08:42 pm
So, one of the very first crappy romance novels I ever read took place on an island called Ascension, which I didn't think was real but it made for a good yarn. Only come to find out that it in fact IS a real place Ascension Island is a teeeeeny little island of about 35 square miles smack in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

Now, knowing me, you can guess that I *really* want to go, because hey...how cool would that be? The Island has one school, one dentist, one hotel and is known (sort of) for it's giant turtles that hang around, and generally being beautiful and nature-y. Only problem is you need written permission to be allowed in, and even then, because the only flights in and out are RAF run, your (1700 pound) seat isn't guaranteed. OUCH.

But I did some research, and remembered the flight i took back from South Africa in September of 2001. On our way back, we stopped half way through the flight (much to my surprise) and fueled up at some military base in the middle of the Atlantic. After a bit of research, there are only two islands on the map in that area of the Atlantic. Ascension and St. Helena, (who technically 'rule' Ascension, St. Helena itself is a British protectorate) only check this out, St. Helena doesn't HAVE an airport! Or at least they didn't in 2001, so unless we landed a 747 on an aircraft carrier that looked suspiciously like real land, or we landed at some top secret base...I WAS ON ASCENSION! That is *so* freaking cool!

I still want to go there for real (as opposed to being told 'please do not make any sudden movements, we are on a military base...and it is 10 days after September 11th), but figuring that out was such a cool revelation. Now I know how dalbino83 feels when she figures out cool stuff like that!

And now i *REALLY* should do my stats final...