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beatings will continue

Wandering Brain

I've had to call off my trip to visit Hannah in York...i am inexpressibly bummed about this, but am getting to the point where i can't sleep because of lack of getting work done (thus exacerbating the problem) . I am getting work done, just not enough, the enormity of it all is sort of making me want to cry. It'll be manageable, but i can't run off for 5 days and enjoy myself *sigh*. Hopefully i will get up there after Exams, and life will be good. Stupid LSE...

In other news: 
Today's runes: Current: Nyd - need/limitation, Obstacles: Ur - life force/strength/courage (Reversed) Future:  Wynn - perfection, achievement of wishes/Joy

Lets just go with i'm looking for more clarity and growth in my life, this seems like a good start. Tomorrow is Passover, i think i might try and go to temple, if i can find one.  I am however enjoying getting the feel for these runes, i've looked up several different interpretations of them, to get more of a feel for what they mean. Everyone says it a different way, so i'm aiming to sort of merge everything and understand the deeper meaning and context.  Or i could just be insane...maybe a bit of both.
Alice in the Water

The Plan....

The plan for this week.

1) Avoid G20 insanity like the Plague....okay maybe not the plague because if that's what it was i would probably go have a look
2) Work like nobody's business today and get a good solid start on one of my essays
3) Work in the  morning tomorrow, afternoon/evening with Matt at museums
4) work hard friday morning/afternoon, go out friday night
5) catch 8:30 train to Bournemouth on Saturday feeling content with the amount of work i have gotten done.

Today's Rune: Cen - Intuition, Inspiration, Knowledge
Today's Oracle Card: Reflection - Illusion, Self-examination, Distortion

Because Max shouldn't be kept in the dark...

Okay....it's been months since i have updated this thing. So, i really should. 

Here's the skinny....I haven't been updating because i have  been out living and enjoying my life here. The difference of the spring versus the winter term is just staggering. I am doing so much better now, i smile, i laugh, i go out and socialize with friends. Hell...i'm even taking a pass at dating...well okay that part hasn't gone so well, but it's funny none the less.

The term is over, (yes...in march) and i've got 5 weeks of easter break, then 5 weeks of review for exams....WTF??? Ten weeks off?? Oy vey. But my classes were much better, and waaaaaaaaaay more interesting.  I'm hoping to spend a little bit of time travelling (possibilities including Southampton, Scottland, Ireland, York, Venice etc) . Now i just have to find a job for next year ;p  I know i dont  have to many details to share...mainly because the last few months have gone by so fast it's hard to rehash it all. Lets just say they've been good!

How is everyone else doing?
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Alice in the Water

Taking a poll

Ok....need to write an essay 1500 words (so that's what...6 pages?) for my Health and Population course...taking a poll, which one do you think i should do?  #1 seems like it would probably be the easiest to talk at length about, but if he turns out to want actual econ i'm screwed, #2 looks interesting but i have 0 background knowledge and #3  i have a lot of info on, but would have to figure out a specific angle to take (well that's true with all of them really).


1.      It is predicted that the impact of AIDS in reducing life expectancy at birth in SSA from 1980 to 2010 will be an average of 10 years. What are the socio-economic consequences of this impact for these countries?

3.      Discuss the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of elderly people in developing countries today?

4.      ‘There are many characteristics of contemporary city life that increase the risks of various diseases and health disorders’ (McMichael, 2000). In what ways does urban living affect health in developing societies?  

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Playing Catch Up

Right so...this week...where was I?

The photos I took on Sunday and Monday were terrible, so I didnt post anything then the week just went crazy.  My schedule is set and I am  much more optimistic about this term than I was the last. The classes may be boring, but I am better able to tolerate it because I'm still at least interested in 2 out of 3 of what my classes have to say.  In a similarly amusing line, I got a message from a girl on facebook who has been accepted to the HPS program for next year, she wanted to know about it. Obviously I dont have super nice things to say, but I tried to be fair and balanced about it.  Wednesdays are definitly going to be KILLER.  I mean this in a bad way by the way, the 5-6 hours straight of class might just do me in, thankfully the prof in my last class appears to have much love for coffee, so that means I can run and get some as well. On Thursday my Dad came to visit, which was great.  We had breakfast at Tootsies,  (fluffy eggs!) and went to the Wellcome Collection to see their exhibit on War and Medicine - free, and fantastic - I highly recommend it. After that we had a very tasty tandoori dinner and went to see Billy Elliot. Holy dancing 12 year old, that kid was AWESOME.  I saw a news blurb on the kids in Oliver, which is currently also running, and how most of them only get about 20 pounds per show. This is way below normal wage standards, but the argument is that most of them leave after the opening number anyways. In Billy Elliot the kids are there for the whole show (about 20 of them) which doesn't get out until 10:30. I cant help but wonder how tired they must be, and how much they're getting paid ;). Probably a lot more!  The other thing i wonder about - how much time must they have spent in dance class to be good enough to be cast, oy vey.

Anyways, on to the photos!
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Rainbow Flowe

Drama and Dinner Dates...Photos for January 16th

UGH, that stupid paper is *Finally* behind me. That was one horrific and traumatic experience, and I totally did it to myself. Lesson learned, won't be doing that again. Currently I'm running on about 3 hours of sleep, two diet cokes and a crap ton of coffee...caffeine to the rescue (totally going to bed soon). 
   After turning in the paper (which was a total cluster f*ck....the plagiarism software hates me and I still haven't managed to get that part in) I had a delightful hour or so with Andrea and a friend of his sipping coffee outside of the library before heading off for dinner with Alli. Our plans to go to a place called "Titanic" were sunk (haha...sorry, had to) when she found out that said place doesn't actually serve food, so we went to our old standby Cafe Pasta which is near Holborn.  They're always a tasty option and tonight I had the pesto linguine which Alli is a big fan of but I hadn't tried previously (Usually i go for one of the Risotto options). It was awesome, and the second half will be my lunch tomorrow.

As I waited for Alli at the train station i got some good photos outside of Holborn station which, as it was 5:30 was utter chaos. Basically, they end up closing the gates to control traffic flows every day like clock work. The problem is that you get an angry mob/clump waiting outside to rush in, and holy cow do people shove when the gates are opened just a teeny bit. My kidneys are still sore from the one time I tried to get home at that point...now I just wait an hour or so at school until it dies down.

Earlier in the day I walked past a rally/protest on campus being held in support of Gaza and Palestinians. Yesterday the student body meeting (anyone who shows up has a vote) passed a resolution condeming Isreal for the actions taken in Gaza and calling for all Palestinian students to have their tution waived. I have to admit, I really don't see the connection between the two, but have opted not to ask anyone one, lest I get my head bitten off. The LSE enviornment comes across as very strongly anti - Isreal at times, although there is a very active Isreal society on campus as well, I don't seem to see them as often. On the whole, I try and stay out of the issue, because I frankly don't know enough, and don't want to get my head bitten offf. But I have to admit, I really resent some of the things that the various groups are saying about Israel (and Jews). It's a very different experience than being in the U.S., that's for sure.

Lastly....this is probably my favorite photo i took today

Alice in the Water

(no subject)

Wow...news is awesome sometimes. Ten million life points to that US Air pilot...you are amazing. 

In other news, My schedule is pretty much set, and will look something like this:

DV421: HIV/AIDS and Other Emerging Health Threats
GY421: Gender and Development: Geographical Perspectives
SA4D2: Health and Population in Developing and Transitional Societies

12:30 - 2:00: HIV/AIDS Lecture

1:00 - 2:30: HIV/AIDS Seminar (Tentative, if not it will be 2:30 - 4)

1:00 - 2:30: Health and Population Lecture
2:30 - 4:00: Health and Population Seminar
 Weeks 1 - 5: 4:00 - 6:00 Gender and Development Lecture
 Weeks 6 -10: 5:30 -7:00: Gender and Development Seminar

Okay, so...Wednesday afternoons are going to SUCK for the first five weeks,  but after that I'll get a break in between the two. Technically I should have been put into the 4:00 - 5:30 seminar, (goes by last names) but I actually like this way better. (Which means that now it will change, of course)

Now I just need to write this evil paper, which, if I do say so myself, I have done an absolutely *fantastic* job of procrastinating on (how many times have I mentioned this in the past few days? I don't even want to count) 
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