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Alice in the Water

Signs of Life

I'm at home, and i'm ill, so I will sit here and post an update! Lucky you...

It's been a busy few months, some highlights:

Kiera's wedding, Finishing exams (yecch), a brief relationship that is now over, a trip to Slovenia, various explorations about the city, a photo walk, and a gay pride parade.

That about sums it up...now have some photos.

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Because Max shouldn't be kept in the dark...

Okay....it's been months since i have updated this thing. So, i really should. 

Here's the skinny....I haven't been updating because i have  been out living and enjoying my life here. The difference of the spring versus the winter term is just staggering. I am doing so much better now, i smile, i laugh, i go out and socialize with friends. Hell...i'm even taking a pass at dating...well okay that part hasn't gone so well, but it's funny none the less.

The term is over, (yes...in march) and i've got 5 weeks of easter break, then 5 weeks of review for exams....WTF??? Ten weeks off?? Oy vey. But my classes were much better, and waaaaaaaaaay more interesting.  I'm hoping to spend a little bit of time travelling (possibilities including Southampton, Scottland, Ireland, York, Venice etc) . Now i just have to find a job for next year ;p  I know i dont  have to many details to share...mainly because the last few months have gone by so fast it's hard to rehash it all. Lets just say they've been good!

How is everyone else doing?
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Playing to the crowd

So...classes I've been to so far, and my various thoughts on them.

Courses Locked In:

DV421: HIV/AIDS and other emerging health threats
- okay, I'm really excited about this one. Any prof who mentions smallpox, Jeffrey Amherst and bioterrorism in the first lecture is totally an in for me. She's not the most charismatic of profs, butthe subject matter should more than make up for it. There's also a light reading load, so that's always good too.

SA4D2: Health and Population in Developing and Transitional Societies: I'd had higher hopes for the second half of this course, the first semester (developed countries) being my own personal hell, but it doesn't look like this one will be all too much better. *sigh* It got moved from Monday to Wednesday afternoons and totally throws a wrench in my mental schedule I had organized.

Courses to Choose From:
So...I can only choose one.

Health and Systems in Developing Societies: the follow up to Foundations of Health Policy which I took last semester, the lecturers are both very good, but I'm not really interested in the material. It's *VERY* broad and covers a lot of what we did last term.

Gender and Development: Haven't previewed it yet, i have high hopes for it, and it has no seminar (double bonus) the catch is that with the newly moved SA4D2, i'd have class from 1-7pm SOLID on Wednesdays with zero breaks. Not sure how i feel about that one.

Demography and Development: Also looks promising, but i'm worried that it will have a lot of overlap with my required course, and it's on thursday mornings at 9 am....eeew. It is however taught by my advisor, and i have good feelings about her as a prof. It might be super difficult though, we'll have to see how it goes. I may end up auditing it to kick my brain into gear for my dissertaiton. We'll see.

Globalisation and Social Policy: No idea about this one, there's no information about it on Moodle. Also a 9 am course...going to go and look, but i'm skeptical.

International Social Policy and Children's Needs: Sounds interesting but again, no Moodle. I'll check this one out tomorrow as well.

That's my Academic life so far....still have this paper burning a procratination hole in my brain, but it's 11pm, and i have to get up at 7 tomorrow so i'm off to bed.

As per Chris' "request" (not really, but you get the idea), Today's photo comes from the LSE library....looks like any other building on the outside, but a modern art museum on the inside. My personal favorite (not pictured, maybe some other time) is that the entrance was all torn up last semester so they could put in new flagstones....as well as three strips of blue neon lights that are so bright you get the feeling of being price checked up the nose when you walk over them...no idea who thought that one was a good idea. Anyways....

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No Power in the verse

I'm in love with Hot Cocoa

Just got back from Somerset...gawd, that place is a nightmare, customer service-wise. Either the sales people ignore you completely, or won't leave you alone. Leaving a store i could almost hear one persons inner debate about whether or not to run out the store trying to sell me one last thing, because i hadn't bought anything. *sigh* damn, i found the *perfect* pair of shoes, but they don't run in my size. GRRR. Oh well. I did however have the most painless swim suit shopping experience ever. Which is amazing. It's such a new experience to look at myself in the mirror and realize that i acctually *like* my body (or most of it). Even though i've had the same figure for about 3 years, it's only within the past month or so that i've realized i acctually *like* it. I look in the mirror, and i like my figure, such a strange thing. I guess i can't really say that enough. I mean, i lost the weight something like 3 1/2 to 4 years ago but i'm *still* shocked if someone finds me attractive. Maybe that was why Jim and i got together, because i was so blindsided by his having any interest, i didn't even stop to think if it was a good idea to get involved. Odd how things change eh? I spent so much time remembering how i used to look, that i hadn't really taken the time to look in the mirror again, and realize things had changed. Maybe what i did was drastic, but i wouldn't go back and change it for the world.

Mmm...thoughty stuffs.

On a different note, i need ideas for gifts to bring on SAS with me. We go on homestays and service visits to hospitals and schools and the like, i'm thinking if i can get ahold of some toothbrushes from my dentist those would work really well, or maybe some small bars of soap. My mother told me earlier, when we were in Russia, they gave away cigarretes, individually, knowing that as a tip, it could then be sold for 1 - 3 dollars elsewhere. i figure that might work, but i don't really want to be promoting smoking. On the other hand, a carton of cigarettes would be possibly cheaper, and take up *alot* less space then lots of little bars of soap or what have you. i feel really awkward thinking about all of this to begin with. It really is unfair how much better off Europe and North America is than places like Africa and parts of Asia.

Currently, i'm reading The Hospital by the River by Catherine Hamlin. One of the doctors who set up the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. I want to go and volunteer for a couple of months at some point. Possible Problems with this include: A) i'm not a med student B) I'm not christian c) i speak absolutely NO arameic. Among other things. But this something i really feel could become my cause if given the chance. I also want to work in a womens clinic in china too at some point.

I think i'll leave it at that for now, a good mix of happenings and thoughts.