Shara - The Ever Lost Adventurer (my_wanderlust_) wrote,
Shara - The Ever Lost Adventurer

I need more sleep

Last night's dream bears was weird.

Lately i have been having a recurring dream about a small sloth getting into my flat...i have no idea why, and me being too afraid to try and get it out. In addition, one of my windows will not close entirely. So, in my dream, i finally figured out that the reason why it wouldn't close is because a chipmunk/squirrel (it was a dream, it kept changing!) kept managing to peek it's head through. Only my camera back was there, and i didn't want the chipmunk to get in it, so i opened the window to reach out and grab it....only for it to get in and promptly get eaten by the sloth....i think. Then... a small kitten shows up, and i felt bad for it so i was throwing bread out the window, and the kitten jumped up AND INTO MY FLAT. Suddenly i am Dr. Doolittle...only then the sloth/badger (apparently it was a badger/ferret at this point) went to chase it, so i threw the kitten (nicely i hope) out the window, and then grabbed the sloth/ferret/badger and got that out too... But at least I got them all out, so i am hoping i wont keep dreaming about some sort of monkey in my flat from now on.

Moral of the story?? I am *SO* not opening the windows in my flat...ever.
Tags: dreams
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