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Taking a poll

Ok....need to write an essay 1500 words (so that's what...6 pages?) for my Health and Population course...taking a poll, which one do you think i should do?  #1 seems like it would probably be the easiest to talk at length about, but if he turns out to want actual econ i'm screwed, #2 looks interesting but i have 0 background knowledge and #3  i have a lot of info on, but would have to figure out a specific angle to take (well that's true with all of them really).


1.      It is predicted that the impact of AIDS in reducing life expectancy at birth in SSA from 1980 to 2010 will be an average of 10 years. What are the socio-economic consequences of this impact for these countries?

3.      Discuss the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of elderly people in developing countries today?

4.      ‘There are many characteristics of contemporary city life that increase the risks of various diseases and health disorders’ (McMichael, 2000). In what ways does urban living affect health in developing societies?  

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