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Massive picture update!

Ho there! There be Bandwidth murderers ahead!!

My photos from the past week, snow storm and all...

Not everyone was prepared, i watched this woman slip her way down half a block before I took pity on her and told her the other side of the street was better. Seriously though, the footwear i saw people out in was just ridiculous. HEELS for crying out made me feel slightly less sorry for the folks i saw on the news, when they showed a good 3 or 4 minutes of clips of people slipping and falling on their asses outside of the tube stations.   Children were out in force, and absolutely *delighted* with the weather.

I was pretty happy too.... (pardon my pale as hell self and the terrible photo)

Others however, were not as pleased... the dogs were FREEZING and shivering on their morning 'outings'...

and Tesco's was overrun by people stocking up on food...(which is what i did too, so i cant blame them)

There was also the small matter of some damage...and a lot of slip and fall injuries...

I think the plants were pretty cranky too...

The entire country, London in particular just simply could not handle the onslaught of six or seven inches of snow (more like a foot in some places, to be fair). All the trains shut down, The buses stopped running and the tube was awash with 'no service signs' . Basically, unless you were walking (and it was pretty icy out there for those who didn't have good "i'm from a place that snows" boots), you weren't going anywhere. Did I mention this country doesn't even have decent snow shovels?? Clips on the news showed military boys digging out hospitals with kiddie spades....poor bastards...

But the city was absolutely beautiful....and I loved it.

The view on my street that morning... (above)
and out my window the night came down REALLY fast. (this was around 1 am,the shot above was 10 am)

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