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'Cos he's awesome like that

Dad writes an Op-Ed for the New York Times on the recent octuplet case. W00t. :D

As a heads up, he tends to take the extreme view of things (which pisses people off). If you're going to start screaming at me, and yelling that my father is a horrible person, I dont want to hear it. I don't necessarily agree with everything he says (specifically with regards to his reduction is not an abortion definition ....i'm not sure where i stand on that, - technical definition versus reality type thing, truthfully i dont know enough to comment) but he is still my father.  Either way, i put it up because A) i think he's awesome and i'm proud of him and b) i wanted to share it. I don't expect people to agree with him, a lot of people don't, like i said, he goes pretty far out there, but he does it on purpose. That doesn't mean you get to take potshots at him through me.


Tags: blurb, family, january 2009
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