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For thems thats curious

I haven't updated this in months, and I don't think i'm likely to. I'm leaving it here so i can check on what people are up to from time to time. I finished my coursework at LSE and now i'm waiting around for my results (which don't come out until November.) In the meantime i have some other projects going on with friends, many simmering kettles as it were, or spinning plates maybe.


One of these projects, at the moment, is a blog...yeah, sorry LJ, i cheated. So far it is mostly my various attempts at knitting and cooking, hilarious as they are.  So, if you're interested in that, you can find me here  -->

:D  Love and Sunshine
- S
Alice in the Water

Signs of Life

I'm at home, and i'm ill, so I will sit here and post an update! Lucky you...

It's been a busy few months, some highlights:

Kiera's wedding, Finishing exams (yecch), a brief relationship that is now over, a trip to Slovenia, various explorations about the city, a photo walk, and a gay pride parade.

That about sums it have some photos.

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Alice in the Water

I need more sleep

Last night's dream bears was weird.

Lately i have been having a recurring dream about a small sloth getting into my flat...i have no idea why, and me being too afraid to try and get it out. In addition, one of my windows will not close entirely. So, in my dream, i finally figured out that the reason why it wouldn't close is because a chipmunk/squirrel (it was a dream, it kept changing!) kept managing to peek it's head through. Only my camera back was there, and i didn't want the chipmunk to get in it, so i opened the window to reach out and grab it....only for it to get in and promptly get eaten by the sloth....i think. Then... a small kitten shows up, and i felt bad for it so i was throwing bread out the window, and the kitten jumped up AND INTO MY FLAT. Suddenly i am Dr. Doolittle...only then the sloth/badger (apparently it was a badger/ferret at this point) went to chase it, so i threw the kitten (nicely i hope) out the window, and then grabbed the sloth/ferret/badger and got that out too... But at least I got them all out, so i am hoping i wont keep dreaming about some sort of monkey in my flat from now on.

Moral of the story?? I am *SO* not opening the windows in my flat...ever.
Alice in the Water

Odd bits

I had a dream about knitting last night...I am such a geek. Now i want to knit what i was dreaming about.

My alarm has not been going off for the past 3 or 4 days. I meant to wake up at 8 today and instead woke up at 11. This is annoying.
beatings will continue

Wandering Brain

I've had to call off my trip to visit Hannah in York...i am inexpressibly bummed about this, but am getting to the point where i can't sleep because of lack of getting work done (thus exacerbating the problem) . I am getting work done, just not enough, the enormity of it all is sort of making me want to cry. It'll be manageable, but i can't run off for 5 days and enjoy myself *sigh*. Hopefully i will get up there after Exams, and life will be good. Stupid LSE...

In other news: 
Today's runes: Current: Nyd - need/limitation, Obstacles: Ur - life force/strength/courage (Reversed) Future:  Wynn - perfection, achievement of wishes/Joy

Lets just go with i'm looking for more clarity and growth in my life, this seems like a good start. Tomorrow is Passover, i think i might try and go to temple, if i can find one.  I am however enjoying getting the feel for these runes, i've looked up several different interpretations of them, to get more of a feel for what they mean. Everyone says it a different way, so i'm aiming to sort of merge everything and understand the deeper meaning and context.  Or i could just be insane...maybe a bit of both.
Alice in the Water

The Plan....

The plan for this week.

1) Avoid G20 insanity like the Plague....okay maybe not the plague because if that's what it was i would probably go have a look
2) Work like nobody's business today and get a good solid start on one of my essays
3) Work in the  morning tomorrow, afternoon/evening with Matt at museums
4) work hard friday morning/afternoon, go out friday night
5) catch 8:30 train to Bournemouth on Saturday feeling content with the amount of work i have gotten done.

Today's Rune: Cen - Intuition, Inspiration, Knowledge
Today's Oracle Card: Reflection - Illusion, Self-examination, Distortion

Because Max shouldn't be kept in the dark...'s been months since i have updated this thing. So, i really should. 

Here's the skinny....I haven't been updating because i have  been out living and enjoying my life here. The difference of the spring versus the winter term is just staggering. I am doing so much better now, i smile, i laugh, i go out and socialize with friends. Hell...i'm even taking a pass at dating...well okay that part hasn't gone so well, but it's funny none the less.

The term is over, ( march) and i've got 5 weeks of easter break, then 5 weeks of review for exams....WTF??? Ten weeks off?? Oy vey. But my classes were much better, and waaaaaaaaaay more interesting.  I'm hoping to spend a little bit of time travelling (possibilities including Southampton, Scottland, Ireland, York, Venice etc) . Now i just have to find a job for next year ;p  I know i dont  have to many details to share...mainly because the last few months have gone by so fast it's hard to rehash it all. Lets just say they've been good!

How is everyone else doing?
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Alice in the Water

Passing it on


Not sure if it's real....but it's worth letting folks know just in case...

So, apparently there is a scam going around the LJcoms with a virus attached. Beware. If you see a post like the below, DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS!!!! Apparently, it is not only infecting people, but deleting the coms as well once it takes control of someones LJ. It will delete all posts and give link to viruses and spyware.

Dear friends, I, as the maintainer of this community, have to inform you that due to recent tragic events, I've decided to stop using LJ as a platform for my community (and to remove everything that was posted here before). From now on, all new materials should be posted to the New community that I've recently created, as for old posts, you will find them here.

Alice in the Water

Taking a poll

Ok....need to write an essay 1500 words (so that's what...6 pages?) for my Health and Population course...taking a poll, which one do you think i should do?  #1 seems like it would probably be the easiest to talk at length about, but if he turns out to want actual econ i'm screwed, #2 looks interesting but i have 0 background knowledge and #3  i have a lot of info on, but would have to figure out a specific angle to take (well that's true with all of them really).


1.      It is predicted that the impact of AIDS in reducing life expectancy at birth in SSA from 1980 to 2010 will be an average of 10 years. What are the socio-economic consequences of this impact for these countries?

3.      Discuss the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of elderly people in developing countries today?

4.      ‘There are many characteristics of contemporary city life that increase the risks of various diseases and health disorders’ (McMichael, 2000). In what ways does urban living affect health in developing societies?  

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