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let's burn our dreams into the skyline...

...big hearts were for breaking.

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tell me all you hear is our song...
25 September
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03.16.06, 03.25.07, 05.02.08, 10.03.07, 30 seconds to mars, a walk to remember, adam brody, all american rejects, all time low, ambition, anberlin, angel, anna nalick, armor for sleep, arrested development, art, beautiful people, bella swan, bethany joy lenz, better than ezra, big ben, blood ties, blue crush, blue moons, books, brazil, buffy, butch walker, chad michael murray, charmed, chris daughtry, computer, concerts, crazy/beautiful, cuba, dawson's creek, dead like me, desperate housewives, diego luna, dirty dancing havana nights, dreams, edward cullen, edward norton, empire records, everwood, fall, fall out boy, fearless, fight club, finch, flowers, footloose, friday night lights, friends, gavin degraw, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, gym class heroes, hairspray, halloween, hawthorne heights, heroes, house, howie day, hugh laurie, imperfections, jack and bobby, jack's mannequin, jensen ackles, jesse spencer, jimmy eat world, joan of arcadia, john krasinski, john mayer, jonny lang, joshua jackson, kurt halsey, laughing, lee pace, literature, london, mae, maroon 5, matchbox twenty, matt long, moonlight, motion city soundtrack, movies, music, napolean dynamite, new york, one tree hill, ordinary people, panic! at the disco, photography, photos, poetry, prague, pretty in pink, private practice, pushing daisies, quietdrive, reading, reunion, rome, sarah dessen, seasons, self against city, sixteen candles, smallville, something corporate, spring, stephenie meyer, summertime, supernatural, sweep, sytycd, tattoos, the ataris, the breakfast club, the hush sound, the illusionist, the invisible, the notebook, the oc, the office, the spill canvas, the wind, theme songs, turtles, tv, tyler hilton, tyson ritter, van gogh, veronica mars, what a girl wants, wildfire, winter, wonderfalls, writing

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