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Lionel Messi has swept my heart away

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Name: Amanda
D.O.B: September 12, 1989
Nickname: Ami, Amanda raring etc.
Age: 19
Live in: Sandviken, Sweden
I Speak: Swedish, English, some German, some signlanguage and some spanish.
Current career: Working at my dad's gas station. Hopefully studying again in January.
Interests: Football, horsebackriding etc.
Pets:Yup..1 dog, 4 cats and 2 guinea pigs :P
Boyfriend: Yes ^^ Mikael Samuelsson <3

Footie team: FC Barcelona
Player: Leo Messi <3
Music: Il Divo,D'Nash and a looot more.
Song (atm): Sorrows the Seas of my Heart by The Bleeding Alarm
Movie: The Boondock Saints
Countries: SPAIN!, England and Argentina
Food: My mom´s food (xD) and Chinese food.
Drink: Water
Countries/cities I want to visit: Argentina, France, Holland, Barcelona, Sofia, Madrid..
Colour: Red, blue and brown.
Time of the year: Fall.

(To be continued..)

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