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i use this journal only for commenting one or two communities i am a part of. if you, for any reason, need to contact me, email me:

thank you very much.

ps: i encourage people who i haven't spoken to in these past 3 years to please, please contact me (also with your lj username if i don't know you on a first name basis). i have other avenues of keeping in touch now.
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i know it's weird for me to be posting on this journal, but since everybody but one or two people still have me added, and 33 people i didn't add back added me, i figured it would be profitable for me to post this here.

i lost my job (long story) and i need to make money because i have 110$ fine to pay. i don't want to straight up hit up people for money, but here's the deal. i'm going to be selling random pieces i've done, photography, paintings, etc. and price them really cheap. maybe 10$ for the 3x5s, 20$ for the prints, and 30-40$ for the canvas pieces, plus priority shipping with insurance and tracking.

first off though, i need feedback on this. is this a good idea? should i price things differently, etc? let me know.
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one of those annoying "leave an anonymous comment" things, ok?
no IP logging, all anonymous, unscreened. you can say anything you want about me, about anyone. don't hold back. call me a bitch, a slut, a cunt, a liar, whatever. i really couldn't care less. i know at least one person will.
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coldstone, 9:17 pm.

dave: man, do you even want me to tell you how many times i got roped into doing my chem merch?
me: me too man. pins were 50 cents...shirts were 8 bucks, 12$ including the cd...
dave: well, you not so much in the beginning because like, you didn't go to school or live in the same town as 3/5ths of the band.
me: true. man, i must have been the smallest person at those shows.
dave: nah, you still had an inch or so on frank iero back then
me: :lololololololroflolololol:
me: yeah, true. man, the all denim outfits with the tight black hoodie underneath. those were the days.
dave: you missed the part where your jeans had to be so tight your stomach hung out over them and you couldn't sit down. and the more your hair looked like you rolled out of bed, the better.
me: ah...'02 scene kid. i miss it kinda.
dave: nah, chill. i can sit down comfortably now.
me: jesus christ, i went to every show in the area from maybe the tail end of '01 to warped tour '04.
dave: and merched?
me: well, it was you, then me, then me and frank's girlfriend and sometimes mike's girlfriend, then just the two of them, and then once reprise signed them they got professional people.
dave: like it's so hard to merch.
me: seriously haha. but yeah, we never missed a show. i didn't know you then, but i saw you around.
dave: same.
me: remember the old hoodies? the ones with the logo and the crossed sabers in the front and in the back it said "live by the sword, die by the sword."
dave: yeah, so?
me: we did just that.
dave: whaaaaaaat
me: yeah. we lived for that band. when there was a show, we, not just you and i, but everyone, would call out of work and find a way to get there, even if it meant that we would hitchhike. that band was our lives for close to 3 or 4 years, and then they got signed to reprise, dropped otter, etc etc, hence the dying by the sword.
dave: damn, you're good.

it's too true. regardless, i wore my shirt today anyway. it needed to be used.
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this kinda deserved it's own post.

if anyone hasn't gotten me something yet and does want to, please get me jewelry/plugs in the following sizes (trying to stretch out my other ear to match):


i have only a 00 (one at that), so anything is appreciated. if you have some stuff in that size, i'd love to have it, provided that you sterilize it (drop it in some alcohol and rub it around, etc) before sending it to me. i will return it to you after i'm done with it (it shouldn't take more than a month for the whole thing). please comment if you do want to send me something so i can cross the size off my list. i'll probably be stopping in hot topic (ugh) sometime this coming saturday to see if they have a pack of 14-12-10 earrings or something to get me started.

and this song NEVER gets old.
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one of those annoying "leave an anonymous comment" things, ok?
no IP logging, all anonymous, unscreened. you can say anything you want about me, about anyone. don't hold back.
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deleted people. those who don't comment anymore, communities, dead journals etc:


email me if you have any complaints, bitching, etc. especially one of you in particular. you know who you are.

if your name isn't on this list, ignore it. it's has nothing and everything to do with someone. and if you're smart enough to figure out who, then keep your mouth shut as to why.