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Teh Mumpo's icon journal~
25 May
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In case you haven't figured it out already, this is inquisitory's icon journal. Because every cool person has one Because I needed one 'cause I was sick of posting repetetive entries on bleach_icons. Now I can just link to my entries, and that makes me happy. Yes.

Oh, and on my interests, I have listed several fandoms anime/manga that I am most likely to make icons of, [as well as credit for lyrics (in band form)]. Just a quick peek at what I have to offer, yes? The list will probably grow as I get into this more.

Speaking of a quick look, I have tags that I use instead of memories; just easier for me, I guess ^^; Works just as well, too. Lookie here:

bleach | fullmetal alchemist | naruto | yakitate!! japan | xenosaga | eyeshield 21 | tales of symphonia | tsubasa reservoir chronicle | one-shot series | icon challenges

Now here are some icons that I believe show the best of my icon making abilities (read: make me look good).

| | |

In case anyone cares, here are the communities on which I post:

And now for some affiliates... (one pending at the mo' but go check them out anyway)

Shaded Icons - Anime/Manga | slntfireflyicon

Obligatory credit for the brush-makers and other random media used in my icons (you guys rock):

+ LJ people in no particular order: marx | colortone | aconite | dearest | iroka | crumblingwalls | tehsexicons | bunny_icons | even_art | zephia | 77words | 10000_pixels | zekkai | minusthewalrus | colorfilter | blumchen | ___candyrain | aiko_hanako | indilime | masquerademasks | teh_indy | daughterofsnape | firaga | cdg | vodkaandirony... (there must be more, I apologize for forgetting~)
+ Resource sites: candycrack | pootato
+ Images: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Now I'm pretty lax about that whole 'credit' thing. Just do it if you want to, but it is appreciated. yeah I adopt the 'whatever' attitude xD; If you do credit, please do so to inquisitory or mumpo_. Either one is fine, but don't forget the underscore~!

All other random info I haven't put here will go in this post. Have fun!