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Iranian 1: "Now, if we can just keep the Israelis and the Americans off our back for another few months, we'll get these nuclear weapons operational!"

Iranian 2: (bursts into room) "Boss! Boss! Look what I brought home!" (shoves blindfolded Israeli into room)

Iranian 1: (palms on cheeks, mugs to camera) "Oh, Ahmed!" (laughter, applause)



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You know why cats are stupid? They don't bark and cause alert when such alert is required, like say when their life is in danger. No... Cats are reactionary, and will only make noise when it it too late. Take Gizmo for example, I heard her screech outside my window not 15 minutes ago. This was a bloodcurdling cat screech of REACTIONARY DOOM. FUCK YOU DUMB CAT WHY DON'T YOU BARK. (didn't...)

god fucking damnit.

I can't find Gizmo

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Parking is cheap but really popular...
Sweet computer for every person in every lecture. All my classes are on one floor.


My prof/whatever just designated the back row for napping.

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So I essentially have three jobs now. I *may* have to cut some Battlefield 2.