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in pace requesciat

magus's journal. wait, I have a journal?

13 December
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Name: Loren
Age: 19


Character: Magus
Character's age: Some indeterminate point in his late 20s. He's not one to keep track of numbers much, eh?
Where does your character live and in which time: He's currently skulking about what's left of his old castle in 600 AD.
Character's sexual preference: Bi, mostly out of apathy. He just doesn't care what equipment you've got.
Character's personality: Still waters run deep... The Magus on the surface is a quiet, self-contained, and self-assured creature. The face he presents to the world is a happily amoral murderer ready to do anything and everything to get what he wants; his true feelings, if they ever do in fact differ, are invariably hidden behind that quiet, grim and yet grimly smug facade. He strides through life in a carelessly regal fashion, used to ordering people around, and his quick thinking and strategic skills don't make it too bad an idea to listen to him most of the time. He trusts most people only about half as far as he could throw them, and likes to believe that he needs no one, though the truth of that idea is debatable. But to those few he does place some trust in, he is endlessly loyal. He has but a few purposes in life that he labors on to achieve, and now that the greatest of them has already come to pass, it remains to be seen whether this obsession and this strength will turn inward upon their originator. Magus bears little love and a great deal of hate for almost everything, but most especially himself.

Anything else?: .... uh... He likes cats?

Oh. And he's able to create/open Gates, as frequently seen in fanon. The Magus is somewhat of a wanderer.

<<RP journal for end_of_time_rp>>