Le Sigh.

Matt has a girlfriend. and Nick dumped Kelsi. Nick keeps calling me and asking if I want to hang out with him. and I'll make up some pathetic excuse like "I'm going to the movies... it's goign to be a long movie."
So I'm having Chops call Nick and pretend to be my boyfrined and tell him off. Hehe Chops is cool like that. I jsut got done tapeing stuff to my wall. pretty sweet.

Rosa and I went to the Big E on the half day last week or whatever and it was so much fun. We went on everyride at least twice, got some yummy food thats bad for you and stuff like that. My mom wanted to get a baked potato son she waited in the extremely long line and Jack, Rosa and I waited outside and jsut kinda zoned out. Some college kids come up to us and were like "is that the line for a potaot? Thats insane" and we just nodded. One of them tried to climb over the bushes to get to us, but they stopped halfway and were like... Bad idea. Then a guy in a beaver suit drove by and they started to chase him, and the guy that was talking to us said bye and went off. it was cute and weird. THEN I DROPPED MY LOLLIPOP. I was pissed. but i ate it anyway. haha.

Thats about it for my terrible update. kbye.
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I'm angry.

I called Nick & asked for his company around 5 today. We met up at the park adn stuff. We had a fun time calling eachother names and shit. Then we head to his house with Matt and his friend james. Matt and I were, you know. Fooling with eachother. Kicking eachother (lightly). Nick gets all fucking pissed off and stuff because he's retarded and crushes on other girls when he has a girlfriend. (He has a gf named Kelsi)He storms off inside and matt, james and gianna (we met up with her) were all like wtf.

I really want to ask matt out. He'll probably say no becuase he doesn't want to deal with Nick's shit. I feel really bad for Matt because he has to deal with Nick yelling at him all night. rawr.

Yesterday...I got dismissed from school at 1:45. Not very significant, but whatever. Me & Mum stop at wendys to get food, and head off to the dentist. We get there, I check in and find out that my appointment isn't until 3:30. So we wait until then in the lobby or whatever and I head into the freezing room and stuff. The Dentist gives me novicane and shit (like 5 pumps at a time) and begins to claw away at my gumline with those sharp metal things. I'm bleeding like mad and he's making all these faces of disgust. That made me feel great. After about half an hour of profuse bleeding, I start to actually feel him clawing at my gums. And guess what? I start to cry becuase it hurts so bad. Soon after, he's done receding my gums. Then- he has to sew them up. He gets these scissor things with sharp slanted needles on the bottom and puts thick black string in between the needles. He begins to sew up the gums and it's so gross because I can kinda feel the string going through the gums. It was even worse becuase I could see the string hanging out of my mouth. After he's done he puts this putty shit over the wounds and says that I have to keep it in for 2 weeks. CHYEAHH. RIGHT. I'm constantly like messing with the stuff. ughh.
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this is going to be extra fun.

School started. August 30th. I have a pretty sweet class. I know like everyone. And everyone knows me. =) Rosa, Nick P, Jessica P, Jon, Courtney D, Evan C are all in my class, among other people that I'm not going to list. Pretty kick-ass, eh? But so far school has made me want to KILL SOMEONE. We're doing all this retarded stuff on 'respect' and 'what makes a good student'.

Evan Cheney and I even made an ACROSTIC POEM. Our word was responsible. Gee, let's take a trip down memory lane. Acrostic poems = SECOND GRADE. Respecting other people = FIRST GRADE.

Our schedules changed, too. Instead of having a different special every day, we have one special for 30 days. 30 days = one cycle. So basically, for 30 days I have Health. When that Cycle is over, I'll have Art for 30 days. I think it's a lot better this way, because you can actually get shit done in classes.

THEY CUT OUT MUSIC CLASS THIS YEAR. They completely erased it from our scedules. So, if we want to do any musical activity this year we have to join chorus, band or orchestra. Retards. I loved music class...

But anyways. I'm joining chorus this year. I want to get into the school play which is the FACULTY/STUDENT YEAR. Which means some of the teachers are going to be in the play, too! I also want to join the yearbook committee. And volleyball. And pottery club! Haha. I'm going to have an action packed year. <3

I have my eye on a man. His name is Matt Corl, he goes to Hopedale schools but that's okay. I can walk to his house from mine (and actually see him? amazing!) but there's a catch. He's Nick Bonner's cousin. Him and Nick live in the same house most of the time... and share a room. So if I was to go over Matt's dad's house, I would be in Nick's house, too. These are my thoughts on that: asdfghjklFUCK!FUCK!FUCKqwertyuSHITasdfghjkl. I need to get to know Matt better though. But damn, is he HOT. (hehe sizzlin')


I'll keep you posted if anything epic happens.

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I just want to feel good?

Back from week 6. No one was there, but it was still a fun week, I suppose. Chops and I hung out the whole week. I love him. =) Heidi was there. Rawr. It's not that I don't LIKE Heidi. It's jsut that she kind of creeps me out, I guess. Heidi hangs out with this little 5 year old, too. Her name is Rachel and she's retard.

She comes up to me and says "I hate your hair. I liked it better when it was orange." and I'm fucking laughing my ass off, because I've never had orange hair in my life. Maybe strawberry blonde, but not orange. So every time she came to sit with Heidi and Ben (RAWR. THEIR GOING OUT THOSE FXCKERS!!) we were like "Oh, no. You can't sit here. We hate your hair because it's not purple anymore. Gosh, why did you ahve to dye it brown? It's so ugly!" It was SO funny. Despite the fact that we were picking on a little kid.

Does that make me an ass?
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Is that supposed to burn?

I never updateeee. You guys need to yell at me to update every now and then. I just put on some Proactiv stuff. It kinda burns, but it's supposed to work really well. I slept over Rosa's house for like 3 days straight. WE MADE CUPCAKES. But I didn't take any home. I forgot to ask me mum. I'm going back to camp on sunday. None of my homies exept Chops & Ben are going week 6. =(

Yeah. I'm updating at 12:30 in the morning. Because I can. Because I jsut got back from new Hampshire. I saw Elias and Ella in their new house. The place is fucking HUGE. But my uncle Jonathan teaches at Dartmouth collage. heh. He's 'Professor Zinman' if you know anyone that's going there.

M'kay. I'm done.

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I just got back from camp, foolz.

It was awsome, man. A kid that was in my group last year (Ben Farrell) was in my group this year. He's awsome, I love him. :D But do I like him THAT way? Hmmmm.
Whitey was there too. And Josh, Kristina, Karlyle, Taylor and other cool kids I met.
The lake was pretty nice all week, but I get cold really easily. So I had to climg to other peopole in the water. Usually I would just climb into Whitey's arms, kinda like when people get married. Haha. It was amusing.

Ahhhh. I love camp. It goes by way too fast, though. =(

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I'm terribly sorry I haven't been updating for awhile, it's just that my computer has some cookies disabled so I can't log into websites. Sucks, eh?

I'm leaving for camp tomorrow [sunday] and I won't be back until like saturday morning. So leave some love.

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Bang Bang Guns Go Bang!

I'm wearing my aparagus eskimo/kitty hat right now. I found it in a bin at Newbury Comics because no one wanted it.
I bought Cotton Candy Pink hair dye & decided on a haircut.
I also got Room on Fire by The Strokes and Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie.

My mom made me scrub the gum out of the dryer today. Yuck! My hands smelt all lemony afterward XD

I broke up with Ben. =\

My beloved computer is fixed! =D
I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Rosa last night. We were out till midnight. ;)
I went to Carly E's too. I spent like 14 bucks on blue eyeshadow at the Brainstree mall =x

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I'm eating a egg, cheese and sausage hot pocket right now at Jackie's house


[my dad bought me a new videocard!!]
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Mina and Ben
  • Will have a rockin' child.
  • Are prone to lovingly serenade each other, it would seem.
  • Have developed gills for extended kissing.
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