New Moleskin Journal

Switched back to LiveJournal at least for my personal journal, maybe for tech journal as well but I haven't decided yet. Part of me likes having everything in one place, but do tech musings and kid updates belong on the same space?

Picked up another Moleskin today and spent some time devising a handwritten 'markup' that I can use. Basically just icons I can draw around text to make sure it stands out as an idea, task, etc.. In my head I'm thinking that incorporating drawings into my notes will help retention. Something about using both sides of the brain. :)

Mom comes in town tomorrow to meet Ada for the first time. She only gets to stay one night, but I'm glad she gets to meet her finally.
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Going back to the emacs because I can't leave org-mode alone.

"Never gonna give you up!"
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Starting working on writing some articles for a new site I am working on so I loaded up the emacs again. Also found a livejournal client. Sooooo... testing the livejournal client.

ps - this can also be interpreted as 'Started writing article, got distracted by shiny emacs lisp add-on'. Pretty much par for the course when I load up emacs to accomplish something. :(