Happy New Year!!

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2006 is here!!! All the best to everyone! Woah 2005 was great lol hope 2006 is just as good!

Lol I'm kinda red in the face from sipping at stella ah well am off to eat celebrations!

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Only two days til Christmas! Has gone by very fast this year for some reason! Well I've been good and havent opened any presents! Go me!

Wednesday was last day at school before the holidays, had mucho fun! Lol we were doing secret santa and I got a ball of string from this boyo in my class! I bought lacy knickers, knee-length socks (with sexy written all over them) and "handy oil" for the guy who I needed to get a present for... he liked it, thankfully! moohaha

Brr tis cold *shiver*

I have homework over the holidays... but it's not too bad, because all I need to do is write a story for English, and its quite enjoyable, really... It's a war story, and I have a faint idea of what I'm going to write, I suppose! Well I want it to be based on the Japanese side in WW1... however I have been searching everywhere online and I cant find any info on how they fought... so if anyone can help, please comment! Thank you! Yeah I'm kinda looking forward to writing it, which is kinda sad really as it means I'm looking forward to doing homework... *cough*

Ooooh I rather love this song... Daniel's lil rap rocks! "Confrontation complication needs a foundation.. I'm calm, baby, I'm calm"

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Christmas shopping is finished! FINALLY! Feels so good! In total I have bought 17 presents, which is quite a lot really, but after I've wrapped them up and put them under my tree it doesnt look that much at all.. tut tut

Well tomorow I'm going with my friend Ellen to the city *makes us sound like little country girls... lol* and we are going to do a spot of shopping - about time I spent money on myself rather than friends, if you ask me!


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Got some more grades back today... I'm really really really happy about them! ^^ For Biology, I got 1's for Knowledge and Understanding and Problem Solving, but I just scraped a 1!! Heehee, well anyways I proved the teacher wrong cos he predicted I would get a 2! Whoo go me!! =) I also got my maths grade back, I got two grade 1's! I was really surprised! But twas a good surprise! I only need to get my Art, Admin and Modern studies grades back now! Gah my art exam was sooo bad! I'd be happy with a grade 2! Soo yesh thats all my exam news for today! Heehee, as if anyone cares, but oh well...

Hmmm I got a new mobile on Saturday! Tis cool! It's VERY pink! And "hot"! Been posing for photos with the camera, which isn't unusual for me, heehee! OOOooh also, am hoping to go with friends on some Sunday to *FINALLY* go see Harry Potter!!! ahhhh can't wait!

Ooooh I like this song! Aw Coldplay were good on Jonny Rossy...

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Hmmm ok I'm getting bored now...

Take all the songs in iTunes (or your music player of choice)
Alphabetize them, and tell the first song of each letter.
Collapse )

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OMG!!! got some exam grades back today (already! woah am impressed)- for English, German and Accounts! They are... (heehee nobody cares but I'll just tell you anyway cos I am very happy about them!)

English - Reading Grade 2, Writing Grade 1(OMG!) Overall - Grade 1
German - Reading Grade 1, Listening Grade 2, Speaking Grade 1, Writing Grade 1 Overall - Grade 1
Accounts - Knowledge + Understanding Grade 2, Handling Info Grade 1 Overall - Grade 1

Whoo! I need to celebrate!!!

Hmmm I done some Xmas shopping yesterday, am actually quite enjoying choosing thoughtful presents for people... Yeah I'm sad...

Heehee oh, also I downloaded this Brandon Flowers moodtheme... heh heh... I ain't obsessed. Much thanks to crackified for making it and letting me use it! <333

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There are almost over, people!! YAY!! Modern Studies exam was nails!!! But oh well I will have failed all exams haha
Art on Monday then thats my 4th year prelims OVER!!!! WHOO lets celebrate by going to see Harry Potter... I haven't seen it yet, disaster!

Gah am away to work... FUN

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Only three exams left!!!

Now must go and revise Modern, Accounts tommorow and Art on Monday!! And then I'm done! Yay!!!!
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Woah the maths exam was nails lol and I wasn't even doing accelerated! Think have failed, will be very lucky to get a grade 2!

Well I had my Admin (argh) and Biology exams today they weren't too hard thank God! Spent whole day in exam hall am soo glad to be home and lazing about! Have day off tommorow, but will go in and see Accounts teacher for help =)

German exams on Monday!!! NOOO

It's snowing!!!! Yay!! But am very cold *brr*

Oh, by the way, don't you just love my new layout? I think it's so cool! Thanks soo much to CH!!
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A lil help needed!

I need some help ;-;

I'm doing some maths past papers, and theres this question;

Solve the equation x(2)+3x-5=0, give answer to 2 significant figures

aaand I don't remember what to do with the x squared, I'm sure she told us what to do but I was probably not paying attention as usual heehee the final answer is x=1.2, -4.2

okay so if you can help, please comment! Thank you! Very much appreciated!!! Argh exam tommorow *goes off to revise*
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