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Oh, while passing here to ask a question elsewhere:
(Under the cut so you won't want to kill me)

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Gawd it`s refreshing to be in love. And it`s so refreshing to be loved back.


By the way.

Hey, by the way.

I`m now officially Mister Etienne-Janosik D.

Happy hollidays to all

LJ as a craiglist and services

Hey there, sweet people in Montréal.

I need your help.
I need:

1. To get rid of my appartment, 2 minutes from Papineau metro.

2. To find roommates and a large room, enough to put a queen bed and some furnitures for December 1st.
No more cat, non-smoker... If you know anybody looking for a roommate and is enough wise to accept a trans guy, please, please, please, let me know.
I`m struggling to find a decent place....

A bit of vanity and humility.

Almost 3 years.... almost. I'm 29 years old.
2 years post-op with one revision.
However, I'm chubby, as you can see.
I sincerely wish I'll have the courage to go to the gym, this year.

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So, it went well.
Hitchhiking for the first time in my life, I was scared. It went well.

St-Benoit-du-Lac is amazing and beatiful. Father Minier was very kind to me and we fill the form to being a postulant - working in the monastery - for a month, maybe this fall.

He showed me the library, the collections of book in latin, some ancient books, the lithurgic clothes and some part of the monastery that visitors can't go in. He make sure I was able to sing.

The gregorian mass was amazing. Walking in nature was nice too.

Manuel was calling me ''Le Rosaire des Mystères et des Souffrances''.
Walking the prepared prayer's path, I found out finally what was ''Le Rosaire des mystères''. It's, of course, different events from the life of Jesus. So, of course, nothing to do with what a person can be or a role or something.

Weirdest dream ever.

I dreamt that my sister was being an stubborn teenager listening only to one of her idiots littles friends. The problem is, I was unable to speak and as in all my dreams, unable to write.
And we were just before a huge galactic assembly.

I was speaking with a weird arabic woman who had an affair with Jack Harkness (!) and because she was married, needed to forget him so went to a emotional toilet (??) and flush all her memories from him. It was really Jack Harkness passing through her and being flushed in the porcelain tube. And we kind of discuss of letting the two teenage girld handle the galatic assembly for an hour.
To learn from their mistakes.

The first mistake was a gendered one, they was speaking only about girls things and one alien with a huge voice said: There`s are 6 billions species relating to men and women, 100 000 who have both genders in one and 632 species having neither genders...
Then, they was that tall psychic blue-greenish skinned woman asked to turn off the ''Wilkommen,Welcome,Bienvenue, Konnichiwa, ect' psychic CD who was going crazy and was already causing people to become craz
then I woke up.

And no, I`m not a star trek fan. I didn`t watch the movie.
But it look like a bit like Doctor Who...


Just one picture.

Not the best one but...
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