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happy motherfucking halloween :D

OMGWTFPOLARBEAR. Yeah, another SPN video. Don't worry, I have like 2717838123 video ideas for this fandom that's slowly boiling my brains. Wee!Winchesters mixed with a little AU plot (or maybe just something pre-Stanford for Sammy and Dean) up next. Song will be Snow Patrol - You Could Be Happy (yeah, De, I blame you).

This video, however, was made for the lovely wendy and her birthday. At first only posted at her birthday community we_love_wendy, now sharing with the flist that is probably getting sick and tired of the SPN hostile takeover in, out, above, below, inside and on top of my journal. Apologies? I think not!

(Birthday comms make my heart go melt-y, seriously. So much love love love. Argh, sap!Michelle. Hide.)

Make This Go On Forever
Length (File Size): 5:47 (32 MB)
File Type: WMV (Windows Media Video)
Song: Make this go on forever
Artist: Snow Patrol
Characters: Dean, Sam, John, short appearances of The Demon (dun dun dun!) and Meg
Summary: Video's plot is a mix between two things that (I think) are very important to Dean right now - dealing with John's death, and Sammy (always Sammy, huh <3). I tried to show alot of the past, and alot of season 1 footage as well; Demon, Meg, the Colt, and so on. Throw in some Wincesty footage, and there you go. One Wendy Birthdayvid :D.

Watch at YouTube or download directly.
Tags: flist, halloween, love, music video, spn, supernatural
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