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the balcony - the rumour said fire

So take me under the schoolyard
There are kids there who got lost
Their mouths all shouting asphalt and their bodies torn apart
There are colors in the air when I fall to the ground
I can sense a world of heartache
But I love the sound
Of your hair
When it falls down from the pillow late at night
On the brink of illusion
It's the devil in my eyes
Waiting for the moment to kill me inside
How we'd love to die more often

YouTube link. Don't mind the video. Just listen.
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    the balcony - the rumour said fire
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Holmes/Watson - Your Ex-Lover's Dead

Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Pairings/Characters: Holmes/Watson
Vidder: Michelle misread_
Song: Stars | Your Ex-Lover's Dead
Length: 4 minutes and 3 seconds
Size: 61.8 MB
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. None.

Notes: ... Yeah, I don't know either. Three years after my last video, and this is what I come up with. So, yes. I saw the movie last night, I liked it, I have a shiny trial version of a video program I've been playing with for a few days now, and this is, apparently, the result of all that.

Inspiration thanks to a wonderful Holmes & Watson fanmix/fanfic by lastling. I highly recommend you both download the songs and read the fiction. This music video uses one of the songs of said fanmix, and attempts to follow the same setting;

in which holmes and watson watch each other from opposite sides of a fence
holmes is wounded
and conclusions are drawn.
the setting : watson has married mary
holmes continues to live at baker street and takes on cases

MegaVideo | Download

one in five billion.

attention, please.

I require your help for something, my flist. ♥

Today our project group at school received a new assignment. I won't bore you with the details, so I'll jump straight to my questions;

If I say Amnesty International, what are your initial thoughts? Feelings? Associations? Opinions? Perhaps you've been in direct contact with the organization, or one of their campaigns. What do (you think) they stand for? Try to voice your opinions/thoughts as well and thoroughly as you can in a comment, and add your name, country, and (if possible) your age at the end of the comment.

I would very much appreciate any and all comments, and please feel free to send other people of your flist this way (I'll leave the post unlocked). The various groups in our class all have a chance of being chosen by Amnesty to help design their next campaign site. So for now, I need to figure out the general feel amongst all of you when it comes to this organization, if they bring their image across correctly, and what could be done better.

Thank you in advance.
one in five billion.

so long fancy free.

I got awfully bored during school hours last week, and the week before that one. Pretty sure that's not supposed to happen (but really, it's coding). Oh well! It gave me some time to play around in Photoshop, creating icon after icon. At 64 icons now, I thought it would be a good time to throw them into the world. Et voila;

38 stock icons
01-04 angels
05-07 ballet
08-13 books
14-25 orchids
26-29 settings
30-35 wine
36-38 other
26 model icons
39-64 various female models


Collapse )

Do tell me what you think if you're so inclined, and credit me if you're taking one. Simple things, oui? And oh. Hm. If you'd like something iconized, just throw a pic my way. High-res would be good, and I could use the playing around. ♥ It'll probably turn out just as simple as these icons here, but seeing as that's the way I prefer them, you at least know what you'll get. Mhm, pretty much. Skips off.
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and where does that leave me.

A moment of your time, if you please;

I just did an enormous Friend's Cut, going back from 133 to 58 "friends". There are several reasons, the main one being that I cannot uphold a flist this big any longer (school and other real life, actual real life :D things), especially if I barely have contact with eighty percent of said flist. With some I've had contact, but lost it completely. Others I've never been close to, and some I've basically just lost interest in and always end up scrolling past their entries.

If you feel I've made a mistake in cutting you, you're of course welcome to say so, and I will add you back instantly (or the day after instantly, at worst).
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