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23 March 2009 @ 10:54 am
I need some sort of plan of action for the next 30 days. I will not be broken by stress >o

This Week (23-29 March)
- Work on Independent Study in between classes and work. Get the remaining 3000 words written.

Next Week (30 March-2 April)
- Classes end.
- Finish Work-based Learning essay, complete with appendices and proper formatting.
- Finish Independent Study with appendices and pretty formatting.
- EDIT! Start writing Consumer Culture essay.
- Begin revision.

Spaaain (3-10 April)
- Relax... Or actually, take laptop with me and work on IS/WBL? (only just thought of this 8D;)

Week After (13-19 April)
- Finish Consumer Culture essay. This is a straight forward essay, so it shouldn't take me longer than this week.
- Revise!

Final Week of 30 Days (20-23 April)
- Spend beginning of week proof reading all work and making any changes.
- Prepare presentations Monday.
- Print off all work Tuesday afternoon.
- Do presentations and hand in work Wednesday (morning, hopefully).
- McFlyyyyy~! Wednesday night.
- Hand in Consumer Culture Thursday midday-ish.

23-30 April
- Revision. Hopefully the exams won't be this week, but I've heard that third year exams are in the first week of the directed study period. Not good. If so, that gives me three whole days to revise. I wish they'd tell us when the exams are!

1-15 May
- Revision, exams..
- McFlyyyy again~!

I don't really feel much better after making a list. All it's done is made me feel stressed, especially about the final week. Arg. Hopefully I'll have some time to work in Spain~ And I'll probably have to start revision earlier than this, but I don't know when/how until the times comes.

Just to whine about something else? I've got cramps and I've been ill all weekend. BLEH.

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19 July 2008 @ 10:39 am
So I'm up and ready for the McFly pre-sale. I'm so worried I won't get good seats for Liverpool. Ahhh. I was semi-planning on going to Brum too, since I'm working the same night as Manchester. I want to go to more than one! And the Brum one is like two weeks before Liverpool.. I'm so happy the ones I'm able to go to are seated too, because I'm not all that kean on the pushing to get close to the stage.

Anyway. They go on sale at 11:00. I have my code on my clip board (you know, my virtual one to paste as fast as possible XD) and my debit card in front of me~

Come on front row~! >:/

15 minutes... Nervous~ XD;;

EDIT: Never fucking use gigsandtours.com! I had fucking THIRD ROW CENTRE. I entered my card details. It told me if I click OK I WILL be charged and get a confirmation email. I clicked, and the next page fucking timed out. I never got an email. SO UPSET. ;_; So I've been trying for the last 50 minutes to get good seats and the site wasn't working because the server is busy. NO SHIT, IT'S MCFLY. I eventually got through and I now have 5th row on Dougie's side (block C). Ugghhh. It's only two rows different I guess. Fucking shitty site. Might try ticketmaster tomorrow morning see if they have anything better. Grr. I suppose I'm lucky I got tickets at all. The site's still not working right.

Maybe listening to JRoss will make me happy D: Ooh~ he just played Do Ya!
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30 April 2008 @ 02:07 pm
So, May is both really horrible and extremely exciting:

1st May: State exam, 1hr (16:30 at Aintree) - horrible
2nd May: Management exam, 2hr (13:30, IM Marsh) - horrible
6th May: Research exam, 1hr (16:30, John Foster) - horrible
13th May: Consumer exam, 2hr (13:30, IM Marsh) - horrible
14th May: Documentary due & viewing (no clue what time, guessing it's in the seminar room) - not really horrible, but only mildly exciting
16th May: Race meeting & gig (16:00, Aintreeee) - squeeeeee!

I'm ready for tomorrow's exam. I'm hoping I'll at least pass the 60 mark; I did terrible in the essay (it's 50/50). It was my worst mark of this year, so I'm hoping to give it as much boost as I can.

A little worried about Management. There's A LOT to remember for the exam. I've gone over the basics but I need more if I'm going to get a good mark. It'll just have to be a night-before revision thing. Hopefully it'll work out.

Not too worried about Marketing Research. I think I understand it and all I really need to do is go over my notes. I have three days to concentrate on it so all should be okay. I hope. Plus I think half the exam is multiple choice..

Consumer Behaviour is similar to Management (but interesting). I haven't looked at this yet, I was planning on spending the week before the exam revising for it. I normally only spend a week revising one subject anyway, so this should be no different. It's 100% exam though, so I really want to do well. If I can get in the late 60's then it'd really boost this shitty semester for me. I can't believe how well I did last semester (a first!) and how terrible I've done this semester (barely a 2:2). If I come out with 60 I'll be amazed.

Question: would I still be able to get a good 2:1 degree (like, 65+) if my second year result was 60/62? I was aiming for a 2:1 anyway, but, you know, I was kind of hoping I'd get 69.9 or something and they'd give me a first. *snort*

Kind of off-topic: I don't really talk about my work much, but writing this has made me feel better. Seeing it written down, it doesn't seem too horrific. Still, can't wait for it all to be over.

Also! Good luck to everyone else with exams!
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