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12 September 2008 @ 03:23 pm
Just felt like rambling about some music I've been listening to~

- Sara Bareilles has a gorgeous voice. I loved Love Song, and I've just had time to listen to the rest of her album. There's not much variation in the songs, but they really show off her voice. *_* I think my favourite is Gravity.

- I've also just basically fallen in love with Biffy Clyro's Mountains. It's such a lovely song~ So since I love it so much I tried out more of their music, and I don't like any of it. I've tried my best but I just think they sound crap to be honest. T_T I must have a warped music taste or something.. I think maybe it's the vocals/lyrics that I have a problem with? I don't know. Kind of disappointed. XD;

- Monkey Majik's new album~! *squee* I really, really like it, but it hasn't overtaken Sora wa Maru de (yet)~ I LOVE Fall Back and WEEKDAY. Their music is always so relaxing and mellow. :3

- I really like Boyzone's new song, Love You Anyway? I heard the video yesterday at Vince's, but didn't see who it was. I was all 'ooh who's this??' I can't believe I didn't recognise Ronan's voice. XD; It's so catchy, though! "I’m delirious / are you serious?" Hee XD; (their website is not boyzone.com though >_>)

- Ah, what else~ I've been listening to Flobots too. I love Handlebars~ The lyrics are awesome. I'm not really loving their whole album (maybe they're a little bit too serious for me? XD) but their song Rise is really funky. I like Fight With Tools, too. They remind me of Linkin Park (am I the only one? the guy who raps is so similar to Mike), which is always good.

- Been listening to Weezer a lot too. Just because they're awesome. I love them ♥ Miss Sweeney, Dreamin', Troublemaker, Everybody Get Dangerous~ *_* I've had Only In Dreams on repeat for a few days now too. I love that song so so much. One of my favourite songs of all time~ If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's on youtube (of course, duh XD showing Cowboy Bebop some love too~).

And I've obviously been listening to Mcfly's version of I Kissed a Girl but I think I talk about them too much so I'll shut up. :x
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