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16 November 2008 @ 11:05 pm
Look what came yesterday~

Squeeee! 8D Saw them just before I left for work, so I was in a rush and didn't really get excited. But while I was watching Merlin tonight (which was fantastic. "We have a special bond." ♥), I just sort of had a surge (gurge! hee) of excitement. I asked Vince if he was excited but I just got a grunt. :P

So bloody nervous because of this presentation tomorrow. It's the group one, so it shouldn't be too bad. Mou~ I have butterflies in my stomach and everything. T__T God knows what I'll be like when I'm worrying about my individual one.

Anyway, I probably won't be on here as much this week, since I have loads of work. So you know, let me know if anything important/exciting happens in your lives (although I'll probably come on to read my flist anyway!)
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28 October 2008 @ 09:58 pm
Bullet points! Because I haven't posted in a week and I'm supposed to be doing work.

- McFly's new single! *fangirls*Collapse ) Roll on November 24th.

- I'm feeling less nervous about my individual presentation. I actually spoke out quite a lot in class today, and it made me feel a little more comfortable with talking to the class as a whole. They're not that scary, and I think they're all secretly as nervous as I am. And also, (to Lea mainly) Sarah asked me if she could give me a question for her presentation, so she at least knows the answer to one of her questions. So I said I would, of course. XD Great minds think alike, obviously. :3

- I still need to buy that extremely expensive text book. Last time I went to buy it I just bought that bass book and more manga. D: I just keep spending the money on other things. The rest of my class are the same. Out of all the things to have student discount on, text books would be the most useful. And yet we just get discounts on clothes and some food places, which is all good, but not good for course material. /rant

- I actually got some work done over reading week. Go me.

- I still have lots of work to do.

- McFly next month, eeee! So very excited. I keep thinking about it. x) It's sort of getting me through my work at the moment.

- Work was good last Saturday. I had a service review; apparently I'm good at customer service, and I'm very consistent with the mathematics side of things. Huzzah. now give me more money.

I'm sure there was more I wanted to mention but I can't remember right now.

eta: I got a craving for Finding Nemo, so I'm watching it now. Love this film. "You know, for a clown fish he's really not that funny." Hee ♥
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09 October 2008 @ 06:16 pm
I'm struggling on which bass instruction book to buy. I'm torn between this one, which is sort of a "learn to play in # weeks" sort of book, and it sounds really useful. This one, which sounds really good but I think it might go into too much theory for me. The reviews are really good though. And then there's this one, which seems perfect for what I want it for, but it's got some bad reviews, and it's only 40 pages long.

Erm, so I think I've narrowed it down to the first two. I don't know~ Maybe I should just go for the cheaper option? But then the other book is more comprehensive. But then, I'm not sure I want to be reading so much ABOUT the bass, I just want to play. For now. I think I'll get the crash course one~

Okay, now I need to get my Amazon bill up to £15 so I get free delivery. XD I still have a text book I need to buy. Although, I've ordered it from the library, but haven't had time to pick it up yet. I'll be getting it tomorrow~ I want to see what it's like before I buy it. I won't be able to get it from the library during exam time, so I'll probably end up buying it. :/ Ugh, it hurts to just blow away £40.

While I'm sort of talking about uni, did I mention I have two presentations to do? One group and one individual. I don't mind doing them if I'm part of a group, but an individual one? I might just faint in front of the class. D: I'm seriously dreading it. I get so nervous talking in front of people. I know most people don't enjoy it, but I'm sure I suffer more than the average person. I hate being the centre of attention (I realise I'm writing this in a blog which I know people read.. sometimes :P). I have to talk about Doctor Who as well. The class already think I'm a huge geek for even mentioning it. ._. I guess I can console myself with the fact that most, if not all the class won't be interested in what I'm saying anyway. It's just our tutor I need to impress really.. Although she's making everyone ask questions after each presentation (like a 'question time' sort of thing). Ugh I won't know what to say at all! Hopefully people will be nice and ask me easy questions. Mew. ;~;
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