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23 March 2009 @ 10:54 am
I need some sort of plan of action for the next 30 days. I will not be broken by stress >o

This Week (23-29 March)
- Work on Independent Study in between classes and work. Get the remaining 3000 words written.

Next Week (30 March-2 April)
- Classes end.
- Finish Work-based Learning essay, complete with appendices and proper formatting.
- Finish Independent Study with appendices and pretty formatting.
- EDIT! Start writing Consumer Culture essay.
- Begin revision.

Spaaain (3-10 April)
- Relax... Or actually, take laptop with me and work on IS/WBL? (only just thought of this 8D;)

Week After (13-19 April)
- Finish Consumer Culture essay. This is a straight forward essay, so it shouldn't take me longer than this week.
- Revise!

Final Week of 30 Days (20-23 April)
- Spend beginning of week proof reading all work and making any changes.
- Prepare presentations Monday.
- Print off all work Tuesday afternoon.
- Do presentations and hand in work Wednesday (morning, hopefully).
- McFlyyyyy~! Wednesday night.
- Hand in Consumer Culture Thursday midday-ish.

23-30 April
- Revision. Hopefully the exams won't be this week, but I've heard that third year exams are in the first week of the directed study period. Not good. If so, that gives me three whole days to revise. I wish they'd tell us when the exams are!

1-15 May
- Revision, exams..
- McFlyyyy again~!

I don't really feel much better after making a list. All it's done is made me feel stressed, especially about the final week. Arg. Hopefully I'll have some time to work in Spain~ And I'll probably have to start revision earlier than this, but I don't know when/how until the times comes.

Just to whine about something else? I've got cramps and I've been ill all weekend. BLEH.

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16 March 2009 @ 12:57 pm
Guys, I have another favour to ask of you!

Fill out my questionnaire here?!

This one's about advertising. It's a little weird, but the answers you give will make writing my dissertation/independent study a lot easier. Please please please?! I'll make you an icon?! XD

It's sunny today! Hope it stays like this for a while. My dashboard says that it's going to be like this all week. :3

I'm gonna work on my independent study and work-based learning essay for the rest of today. Although, lunch first...

ETA: Sorry if you see this multiple times! Just posted it on Twitter and Facebook >>;

ETA: omggg D: I'm such an idiot. I accidentally 'closed' the survey! It's open again now~

ETA agaaain: Huge thanks to those that have filled it out :D
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12 November 2008 @ 04:11 am

You posted a picture of You! Squee :3

Oh oh! In TV Research class today, one of the girls did a presentation on Loose Women, and she mentioned McFly! Haha, how fangirly am I. She gave out this handout saying that Carol had kissed the McFly boys (just.. one of them isn't it? xD So far.) I just glanced at the handout, then I saw 'Mcfly' and.. well yeah. Me = lame.

I still don't know how I'm going to get to this placement. I don't know whether to walk (it's like.. 2 miles from town?), get a train (this confuses me the most) or drive in (I'm a wimp when it comes to everything driving). Confuuuused.

Okay, staying up this late/early makes me slightly hyper. I've got lots of uni work done though. My questionnaire results say that Doctor Who is mainstream. Yay?

I guess I'll get in bed. I've done as much work as I wanted to do. I must finish that other essay tomorrow though. (It's gonna be my last free Wednesday too ._.)
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