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04 January 2009 @ 09:14 pm
Although I'm late, happy new year flist! ^^'

I've finally got on my own computer. Just checked my emails. There's loads to go through T_T A few about my sites, which made me smile. Got one from Vince's mum. xD My email account on Nick's domain is busy too since I signed up to loads of social networking sites using that address.

Meh. I thought I had loads to post about but now I can't think of anything. :/ I guess I just wanted to post. I've been playing Pokemon Ranger A LOT. Like constantly. I ~love~ it! I love the idea of capturing Pokemon by convincing them you want to be their friend. xD Hullo Beedrill I want to be your fwend! actually I just want to use you to crush this shit >>; I want a partner Pikachu though. Um, I've just become a Top Ranger. Wahey! (Obviously I need a Pokemon icon again.)

My parents got me all the volumes of Tramps Like Us for Christmas, so I've been reading that. I love it~ ^^ I'm up to volume 12 at the moment. I wish Momo hadn't cut his hair TT;

I swear I had interesting things to say! Ah well. Maybe I'll come back on later. I've been reading my flist btw, just not been on long enough to comment. I love reading your entries :3
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