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27 January 2009 @ 11:07 pm
I want a MacBook. Yup. I can get student discount (I think it's about 15%), so I may as well get one while I'm still at uni. They're still so expensive though. T_T

Taking Eddie to the vets tomorrow for his first boosters. He hardly feels any pain (he's constantly bumping his head on random things) so I'm sure he'll be fine. :p

Might do some course reading before I go to bed. Still haven't read any fanfiction. ._.

Okay. Most boring entry evar. Make me smile? :p

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10 November 2008 @ 11:24 am
As I was walking up to the LRC, I completely blanked someone I think I know. -_- He said "hiya!" all happily but I didn't have time to look at him to see who it was. Completely in my own world~ I wonder who it was. Oh well XD;

I'm so tired. Hopefully this lecture won't be too boring. I'm meeting Anna and Masha in half an hour. We're going to try to actually get some work done, heh.

I was thinking about McMerch on the train and I figured that what I want will cost me about £90. XD I'll have to decide between shirts and whatnot before the actual concert, otherwise I will end up spending a lot of money.

I've just started inputing these questionnaire results into SPSS. How do you use this programme again? Ugh.

Edit: Okay, so uni have the new version on SPSS. It takes 5 minutes to open, I've just spend the past 30 minutes figuring out how to input my data, and now it's just crashed (it took about 2 minutes to close itself). djfngjkdnjkfgn!
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12 September 2008 @ 03:23 pm
Just felt like rambling about some music I've been listening to~

- Sara Bareilles has a gorgeous voice. I loved Love Song, and I've just had time to listen to the rest of her album. There's not much variation in the songs, but they really show off her voice. *_* I think my favourite is Gravity.

- I've also just basically fallen in love with Biffy Clyro's Mountains. It's such a lovely song~ So since I love it so much I tried out more of their music, and I don't like any of it. I've tried my best but I just think they sound crap to be honest. T_T I must have a warped music taste or something.. I think maybe it's the vocals/lyrics that I have a problem with? I don't know. Kind of disappointed. XD;

- Monkey Majik's new album~! *squee* I really, really like it, but it hasn't overtaken Sora wa Maru de (yet)~ I LOVE Fall Back and WEEKDAY. Their music is always so relaxing and mellow. :3

- I really like Boyzone's new song, Love You Anyway? I heard the video yesterday at Vince's, but didn't see who it was. I was all 'ooh who's this??' I can't believe I didn't recognise Ronan's voice. XD; It's so catchy, though! "I’m delirious / are you serious?" Hee XD; (their website is not boyzone.com though >_>)

- Ah, what else~ I've been listening to Flobots too. I love Handlebars~ The lyrics are awesome. I'm not really loving their whole album (maybe they're a little bit too serious for me? XD) but their song Rise is really funky. I like Fight With Tools, too. They remind me of Linkin Park (am I the only one? the guy who raps is so similar to Mike), which is always good.

- Been listening to Weezer a lot too. Just because they're awesome. I love them ♥ Miss Sweeney, Dreamin', Troublemaker, Everybody Get Dangerous~ *_* I've had Only In Dreams on repeat for a few days now too. I love that song so so much. One of my favourite songs of all time~ If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's on youtube (of course, duh XD showing Cowboy Bebop some love too~).

And I've obviously been listening to Mcfly's version of I Kissed a Girl but I think I talk about them too much so I'll shut up. :x
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06 September 2008 @ 01:29 am
I ordered a pair of Converse a few days ago, and they arrived today. I bought them because Amazon emailed me about them, and I liked the look of them. I thought they were a good price too, but Dad was all "how can you spend that much on trainers?!" xD; I actually have no idea how much Converse are supposed to cost.. Anyway; they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. They fit so well. I've been wearing them all day~ They're also really good to drive in (I can't drive in a lot of shoes. The brake and clutch in my car are really small and close together, so if I wear anything a lot wider than my foot, I push both at the same time). I was going to take a picture of me wearing them, but I'm too lazy and I've taken them off now~ XD

Tomorrow I'm working 13:00 til 20:45. :/ My normal hours are 15:45-20:45. Ugh. It's not as bad as it's going to be though~ When I stop my week nights during uni, I'll be doing 11:30-20:30 on Saturdays. How horrible is that? Not looking forward to it. Think of the money..? ._.; I hope it's busy tomorrow. Time seems to go faster when it's busy.

Meh, bedtime~
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01 September 2008 @ 01:46 am
I'm bored so I thought I'd update here. So this may be a pretty random post~

Can I add any more of you guys on facebook? My profile is here~ Yes, I'm THAT bored.. Ooh and last.fm too? XD I don't have many friends on either because I don't really use them much, but it's times like these you need friends profiles to keep you entertained. :P

On Thursday, Vince and I drove down to Milton Keynes for Airkix. It's basically an indoor skydiving machine thing. It was lots of fun. X3 I did it on my own, since Vince didn't really fancy it~ I felt a bit silly in the flight suit, but once I was in the wind tunnel it was kind of hard to be aware of anything but the wind rushing past me. It was a little weird, and I think I'd probably prefer actual skydiving, but it's a great way to experience freefall. I want to do it again~~ But for longer! I only had about 3 minutes in the tunnel over all, although the whole thing took an hour and a half with training and everything. The pictures they took are here~ I'm in 32-35. 8D;; I got a DVD of myself too. It's really embarrassing to watch~ I look so goofy. :/

I haven't edited any more of my holiday photos since last week. D: I sort of.. can't be arsed. I want to upload them though! I'll guess I'll get it done at some point.

I'm currently failing at Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon (explorers of darkness version)~ I have Pikachu as my partner (simply because I can't resist him) and just.. wtf. How rubbish is he? I know you're supposed to be helping him and being all supportive, but he's just bloody useless. I've been thrown out of this one bloody dungeon so many times because he keeps fainting so not my fault. So gutted the first time it happened since I lost all these cool items I'd collected, plus ALL my money. But it's happened four times now. D: I'm leveling up.. maybe it will eventually get easier/better. I'm just crap at all the new Pokemon games. Me = fail. D: I used to be so good at them! I love Pokemon too much to give up, though~

So, McFly are going to Manchester (well, Danny and Dougie are) for a signing. I want to go, since it's apparently not wristbanded, but I'm so nervous about it. I've never been to a signing before. I know I'll do something wrong, like give them the wrong single to sign or something. XD Right after getting lost in Manchester. I'm not that worried about meeting them, since it's only a few seconds and they wouldn't remember me anyway. It's all the other stuff, like sitting in a que of strangers~ I'd be so disappointed if I went and couldn't get in, too. If it's not wristbanded, like their myspazz says, I should be fine if I turn up around 1pm/2pm I think? But if it is, then I'd have to be there at some ungodly time of the morning, then be horrifically bored until 4pm. :/ Although, I've heard they're coming to Liverpool like a week later. To the new HMV in Liverpool One. And they may be doing a performance! *__* I'd so get up early for that (and it's much easier to get to). It's the whole band plus a performance! In Liverpool? Yes please.

Of course, I've got to work all this around my uni timetable. When I was telling mum about it, she actually told me, "just skip uni for the day, you can't miss seeing McFly. You'll catch up with uni work." I might just do that. :P (It's not like I need much persuasion. Hell, I'll hopefully be going to both these signings.) Anyone want to come with me??? :D;

I haven't had a chance to fangirl over their new video yet. I'm putting it under a cut because I always feel guilty for talking/fangirling about them. I really need to add some Mcflyers to my flist. :| It's the hydro cells!Collapse )

Okay, fangirling over. Probably time for bed..
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Ahh, Mario Galaxy makes the most annoying sounds. x_o Vince is playing it constantly on my tv so I'm sat on the Internets doing nothing in particular.

I had an Advertising exam on Wednesday. It was okay. I wrote everything I planned to write, but since it was only an hour long I never had time to check through what I'd written. I hate how we still have to reference properly in an exam. No one else has to do that. D: Classes start on Tuesday. Our timetable has been emailed to us but I can't seem to login to my email account. The rest of the class could.. Maybe I violated some rule or something. ._.

Um, not been up to much else. Got a DS for Christmas so I've been playing on that mainly. Pokemon rules. :3

I have a new Danny icon! I mainly wanted to post just so I could use it...
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I'm trying really hard to work on Business Operations. I really am. I'm planning to finish it tonight but I keep getting distracted. I was too hungry to work before and, now I've had dinner, I'm too lazy to work. T_T

Today we did grouply things. Half of my modules are in groups. Thankfully, I'm working with lovely people. ♥

Oh, I now have black hair! It's only a semi-permanent, but it's all shiny and dark~ :3 I love black hair. Don't know why I've never done it before.

Yes, anyway. Back to writing about Southwest Airlines.

Sorry for the ever so pointless entry. I just really wanted to post. :/
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