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25 February
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Sarah: My favourite music artist is Gackt. I also love his robot, and own a website [Forget-me-Not] dedicated to him. My favourite band is McFly.

I listen to a lot of J-rock, J-pop, western rock and classic rock. Some of my other favourite artists are Bonnie Pink, Monkey Majik, Linkin Park, Placebo, Weezer and Queen. I also listen to (but less often) western pop, German rock and dance.

I'm a big fan of anime and manga, although I often prefer manga. I'm currently reading Off*Beat and Tramps Like Us. My favourite manga include Chobits, Love Hina, FAKE, MARS and DMP releases. My favourite anime are Cowboy Bebop and Haruhi Suzumiya. I also love watching Excel Saga because it's highly amusing~ My anime & manga list is here. I love slash/shounen-ai/yaoi and most of my favourite pairings are slash-y (in any fandom).

I play a lot of video games, most of which are RPGs. I love the Final Fantasy series and my favourite is Final Fantasy VIII. I liked FFX, too, and I'm currently playing FFXII. I also enjoyed Kingdom Hearts (1&2) very much, since I'm a big Disney fan. I'm also a huge fan of the Pokemon games (& manga & anime & cards..). I like racing games too~ Burnout is my favourite.

I'm a big fan of the new series' of Doctor Who. I also love Torchwood, and as you might've guessed, I'm a big John Barrowman fan. I've also recently been fangirling over Merlin. Other than that, I don't really watch television. I could watch films 24/7, though.

I like most geeky things and spend most of my time on the computer. I own my own domain [sekai.co.uk], and a few other sites hosted there. I currently work at an online marketing company as a web developer.

Feel free to add me to your friends list, I'm more than likely to add you back. Just leave me a comment on any public entry. Just keep in mind that my posts are random, day-logs or just bouncy hyper posts about my site and shifty nit like that. Er.. so basically, I'm just really boring.
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