October 3rd, 2006


Rebellion & Revenge

Okay, so I’ve listed two topics here. I think they are really related in a lot of ways, so I’m combining the two into one great big thingy. So here goes . . .

“Have you ever rebelled? If you have, how did you do it?”

I wouldn’t consider it Rebelling.

I would consider it doing What is Necessary to Get My Point Across. If a few windows get smashed along the way or a few nights get spent in a jail, whatever. And the problem isn’t me, hellooo. If more people would do What is Necessary to Get Their Points Across, the world wouldn’t be so screwed up. I hate seeing people sitting back and getting taken advantage of by big mean businesses or government entities and stuff like that. People need to take a stand when they see an injustice. Maybe that’s why I like working in a law firm. That’s all these people ever do is take stands. I know it’s cool to hate lawyers and stuff these days, but honestly, I like what I see in the people I work with. In . . . terms . . . of . . how they do their jobs anyway. *pauses to think about how to describe the past few weeks’ occurrences* Okay, I won’t even get IN to how certain people around here operate their personal lives, not to mention the fact that their personal lives always seem to be popping up (ohhh, bad choice of words) in whatever closet I happen to open.

Of course, (moving on to Revenge now), I feel better when I get revenge by telling EVERYONE in the office every detail of what I’ve seen, and I do. I think the higher-ups know by now I’m the one who spreads all these “rumors” but they also know they can’t do anything about it because all the rumors are true. But, for the most part, I find revenge to be unnecessary. Most people who do something revenge-worthy end up being “punished” by their own doings and un-doings, or they, you know, escape to a New York Office before I have a chance to take revenge on them, or I’ll find that they just don’t need to me to take revenge on them because they are already punishing themselves.

*closes eyes*

What? What was I supposed to do? Believe me, I wanted to scratch his eyes out when I found them together, and I wanted to scratch her eyes out even MORE but the weird thing is I was totally mad at her for doing it with him but now I’m even MORE mad at her for leaving him and I don’t understand why anyone would be so callous as to just walk away and - - who cares. God, whatever. It’s not my problem.

But anyway, to provide a proper conclusion to my essay, I just have to say that rebellion is totally glorious and justifiable, while revenge . . . *looks down the hallway at a closed door* . . . revenge just has a way of working itself out.
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