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Melissa Hughes
136 'What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.' Do you agree or disagree? Why?

I absolutely agree!

I mean, look at all the things that haven’t killed me. I survived the murderous rampage of Hands Jerry. Hmmm, I hope he’s doing better these days. I survived getting arrested twice, once in front of all my co-workers, and once where I had to share a jail cell with . . . Lizzie. I survived, and actually kind of enjoyed, my subsequent trial, And speaking of trials, I’m surviving the trials and tribulations of my on again/off again love affair with Alan Shore, which he likes to claim has always been in “off” mode. That reminds me, my hairdresser says I need to start thinking of him in a more . . . avuncular way. Sigh. That which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. That which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Anyway, back to the topic. All of these things have made me stronger. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned and grown emotionally just in the past year. AND I’ve managed to hold down a steady job AND I haven’t gotten arrested in quite a while AND my credit is totally under control right now. I just hope all these hardships I’ve been through don’t give me pre-mature wrinkles . . .
I'm feeling : accomplished