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Melissa Hughes
CURRENT TOPIC: What is the greatest sacrifice you've made for love?

Ok, first of all, love? Yeah. Second of all, why would I make sacrifices for it, or anything else for that matter? I don’t sacrifice. Life is hard enough already without making any additional sacrifices. I mean, look at what’s happened to me now! Here I am working on a whole different floor, with all these people I don’t even know, and there’s a freaky woman with some kind of eye twitch, and no one trusts me to do any work because they know I’m just here on the mean and unnecessary order of Ms. Schmidt *takes a breath and glares at cubicle wall* and I don’t know anything about what an “H.R.” person really does. Truth is, I don’t think they know. These people are seriously from a different planet.

Oh well, I guess it’s good resume material. And, it does give me better access to certain . . . things I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. And, hopefully it’s only temporary.

Anyway, back to the topic. I don’t think I’ve ever made a sacrifice for love. Unless you count the time I . . . well no, that wouldn’t count. Whatever. Why are we talking about this?
I'm feeling : annoyedannoyed
I'm hearing : They Don't Allow Music in This Department