December 20th, 2005


TM Challenge: What does Karma mean to you?

Karma. I think karma is like that weird hippie sh*t my parents used to talk about. I never really paid attention, but I think it means that if I’m like, super nice to someone, then they’re supposed to be super nice back to me. I don’t really believe in that though, because I’m always super nice, and yet bad things still happen. I mean, just the other day I got a speeding ticket. A speeding ticket! It’s so unfair. And I tried to be nice to the cop, but he didn’t even care; he just kept repeating the words “school zone” as if that’s somehow justification for doubling the fee. See? So, just when I think things are looking up, something stupid like this happens.

Maybe I should try this karma thing though. I mean, look at people like Denise. She’s not that much older than me and yet she gets to be a lawyer and have awesome hair. How much of that is due to karma? *crosses arms and raises eye brows* You just can’t know. But then I look at people like Denny. This weirdo shoots poor people with paint guns, sexually harasses everybody and sets a bad example of moral conduct by having alcohol at his desk, and yet he gets to be the senior partner and be on TV a lot. Things always turn out okay for Denny Crane. I bet he has no idea what it feels like to have his power shut off in the middle of winter. And what about Mr. Chase? With the sacrifices he must have made in Vietnam or wherever, he deserves to be the owner of the company. And what about Alan? He’s been so cool to me and gave all that money to the homeless guy, and yet he’s still single. *pauses and looks out the window for a while*

So whatever. It seems to me like everything in the world is just random. But okay, here’s the deal. As a test, I’ll give it a try. For the next little while I’m going to push myself and try even harder to be super nice. Like, I could make coffee for Mr. Chase tomorrow, or not hang up on Alan’s rude clients. I could even give Ms. Schmidt some advice on her wardrobe or try to have a conversation with Hands. There’s all kinds of things I could do. We’ll see about this karma thing. *narrows eyes* We’ll see.
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