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This is when Louis Vuitton goes to far. Stop making hand bags only old ugly woman have, and black woman.

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Due to alot of people reading this journal that I do not like, and they seem to post anonymously this journal is now friends only. If you dont have a journal and want to read mine then email me at joshlovesmack@yahoo.com and I will try and get you a code.
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mix-tap playlist

This is the playlist to the mix-tap I was telling yall about:

01. Xiu Xiu- Sad Pony Guerrilla Girl
02. The Dandy Warhols- Country Leaver
03. Facless Werewolves- Money
04. Penny Whistle Park- It's All Gone Wrong
05. Le Tigre- All That Glitters (Rachael Kozak remix)
06. Bangs- Dirty Knives
07. Supergrass- Rush Hour Soul
08. The New Pornographers- All For Swinging You Around

01. Marc Bolan & T-Rex- Light Of Love
02. Marc Bolan & T-Rex- 20th Century Boy
03. Gravy Train!!!!- Tittie Bounce
04. R.E.M- Imitation Of Life
05. Björk- All Is Full Of Love
06. Atmopshere- If I were Santa Class
07. Hot Hot Heat- 5 Times Out Of 100
08. Le Shok- I Know You're Ready
09. Le Shok- Where's The Line Begin For Vicodin?
10. The Dandy Warhols- Heroin Is So Passe (Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth (LIVE))

I am making 12 tommorow and two are already taken, so if any of you would like one or would even like to trade me one. Email me at joshlovesmack@yahoo.com. Or if I know you call my cell at 972-793-5545.

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