March 15th, 2021

Требуются специалисты по WinCC OA в мега-проект коллайдера NICA (ОИЯИ, Дубна)

Коллеги, добрый день!
Как вы, наверное, знаете, в Дубне на базе Объединённого института ядерных исследований реализуется международный научный мегапроект NICA (Nuclotron based Ion Collider fAcility) – создание сверхпроводящего коллайдера протонов и тяжёлых ионов (

В проекте предусмотрено масштабное внедрение WinCC OA (в партнёрстве с ЦЕРНом), в связи с чем ОИЯИ ищет специалистов себе в штат.

SCADA Engineer – WinCC OA for NICA Facility in Dubna, Russia
Profession: Physicist/Engineer specialist in Automated Control System.
Qualification: Higher Technical Education Institute, University of Applied Sciences or Technical University.
Required number: 3
Nature of work: Fixed term employment contract 3+ years.
Working day duration: 8 hours.
Professional qualification: Higher education. At least 3 years experience in engineering of SCADA (preferable WinCC) systems. SCADA/HMI and/or PLC and DB knowledge. Experience in communication Protocols of Siemens, TCP/IP, OPC-DA/UA. Knowledge of programming languages (C, C++, VBA). Basic knowledge regarding Database Management eg: MSSQL, MySQL, ORACLE. Experience of unit testing of SCADA Developing & maintaining tools and procedures for engineering & testing of SCADA. Troubleshooting skills.
Additional requirements: Great commitment and willingness to learn. Willingness to travel (worldwide). Great technical understanding, good analytical skills and precise, independent and structured way of working. Skills to analize problems in this area, propose solutions and take strategic desicions on the development of the system. Works well as part of a team and a willing to be the team leader. Functional communication level of English.
Offer: The candidates will be employed by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research with the status of middle/senior Engineer. They will receive a 3-years contract with a salary between 120’000 and 200’000 Rub per month plus a JINR social package, depending on the experience of the candidate and the need of his/her specific expertise for the team.

Application: Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply until June 31, 2021.
The application must include:
• A curriculum vitae
• The description of the latest activities on a relevant field
• Letter of recommendation of at least one referee.
All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply without regard to age, gender or national origin.
For further information please contact Yuri Murin: (Tel: +007 291 21 94)

Прошу вас поделиться информацией со всеми заинтересованными, если есть кто-то на примете – буду признателен.
Контактное лицо в ОИЯИ: Юрий Андреевич Мурин,, +7 (903) 291-21-94.