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You should be running
Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Date:2010-01-16 15:19
Subject:Free story for Haiti

As everyone must know by now, Haiti was recently devastated by an earthquake. The tragedy struck a very personal chord when I learned that a haitian co-worker and friend, who is one of the sweetest men I know, lost his parents and aunt when their house in Port-au-Prince collapsed.

Crossed Genres magazine is asking writers to post free stories for Haiti. Here is my contribution; I specifically chose to post a humour story, since we can use all the smiles we can right now. The story is free to read.

I encourage you to visit http://crossedgenres.com/haiti/ today, to read the other free stories from various other writers. The page includes links to charities that are helping with the crisis, and could use any help they can get, no matter how tiny your contribution. Help spread the word, and if you're a writer or an artist, consider participating.

Thank you

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