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Desert Rose

Writer's Block: Starstruck

Have you ever met anyone famous?

Actor/singer Bobby Sherman

Country-music icons Johnny and June Cash

U.S. Sen. Alan Cranston, Ed Begley Jr. and Shelley Duvall (all on an environmental tour)

Actress Thora Birch

Actor-singer Christian Kane (Angel, Close to Home, Leverage)

Actors Garett Maggart and Richard Burgi (The Sentinel)

Pulitzer-Prize-winning author Junot Diaz

I once talked on the telephone to singer-songwriter-actress-activist Holly Near
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Writer's Block: Use Your Power

LJ is asking what is apparently the most common "Writers' Block" question: If you could have one super-power, what would it be? This is a no-brainer for me (and the same answer I gave when this question came up earlier this year): To heal the sick ... for obvious personal reasons, and having nothing to do with what day today is ... I want to think this would be my choice even if my family situation were not what it is ...
Desert Rose

Writer's Block: By Any Other Name

If you could rename yourself in real life, what would you choose, and why?

I don't need to do it in RL, because I've already done it here in cyberspace. See, half a lifetime ago when I went to school in Israel, I briefly met an adorable little girl with the lovely name Mazal (Mah-ZAHL), which is the ancient, poetic word for "star" in Hebrew and also has the connotation of "luck" (think of the English expressions "star-crossed lovers" and "thank your lucky stars" and you'll see what I mean).

I decided at that time that somehow, someway, I would use that name in my writing. Finally, a few years ago when I started writing "alternative" forms of fiction and commentary that I knew most people in my RL would not appreciate, It was suggested to me to find a pen name, so I did.

Question for anyone reading this: In addtion to the above question per se, what does your online "handle" mean and how did you choose it?