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Desert Rose

Star of the Desert

The Meanderings of Mazal HaMidbar

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two quickie reviews; two comments on desserts
Faith damaged but not broken

I caught an old film recently on TCM: Meet John Doe with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck. They've been showing a lot of Stanwyck films lately, and I keep thinking how strong and smart her characters are, even in the early 1930s, especially compared to so many film females today. Anyway, I can best describe the movie as A Face in the Crowd meets It's a Wonderful Life; in other words, well worth watching.

I also saw a few of the episodes of The Starter Wife, almost by accident. This was better than I expected and can best be encapsulated as Desperate Housewives meets Ally McBeal with a side of Will and Grace. Even my husband, who watches almost no serial television, noted immediately that both the opening-credits sequence and the music seem to be done by the same person(s) as in Desperate Housewives.

Also? I learned (by looking in The Joy of Cooking) that, indeed, it is possible to use powdered unsweetened cocoa in place of bar chocolate to make brownies (one needs the book, though, to come up with the precise substitution) and to use cranberries (I would recommend Craisins) instead of blueberries to make fruit muffins. I plan to try this out in the next five months or next five weeks or maybe even the next five days.