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Star of the Desert

The Meanderings of Mazal HaMidbar

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I am a writer/teacher formerly living in the Mojave Desert of Southern California and now, in late 2011, re-located, at least temporarily, to greater Boston.

My interests include gardening/cooking/crafting -- especially using fresh or dried herbs -- reading and writing (obviously), exercising especially yoga/walking/tai chi, comparative religion/philosophy, and high-quality television/cinema especially in the science fiction, fantasy, historical and serious drama genres.

My favorite television shows of the past and present, in no particular order, include Beauty and the Beast, Twin Peaks, Dark Skies, Forever Knight, The Sentinel, Haunted, John Doe, Wonder Falls, Hercules, Xena, Buffy, Angel, Judging Amy, Everwood, Smallville, Veronica Mars, The Riches, Rescue Me, Desperate Housewives, Numb3rs, Brothers & Sisters, Merlin, Being Human, Entourage, Hung, True Blood, Battlestar Galactica, Joan of Arcadia, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, The Cape, Glee, Community and Harry's Law.

In the past 10 years or so, I have been reading and writing fanfiction. When I write -- something I need to make more time for -- I write primarily in the Buffy, Angel and Sentinel fandoms (gen, het, slash and femslash). I am a huge fan of actor/singer/songwriter Christian Kane, his songwriting partner Steve Carlson, and their bands KANE and the Steve Carlson Band. Someday I am going to create a website (or perhaps two) to bring all my writing together on the Internet.

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