Posting this today as it's twice timely

First, today is Labor Day currently in the United States, and that national holiday figures directly into my concept for a suitable ending to my current favorite television show, Supernatural. It is also timely because, as of this posting, SPN's cast/crew are up in Canada wrapping up the shooting of the last episode ever.

So, here is my personal vision for concluding SPN, presented a month before the last episodes of Season 15 start airing Oct. 8 and obviously before the finale, “Carry On,” set for Nov. 19.

This is what I think could happen, based on my own understanding of the show plus my literal reading of the show's unofficial theme song referred to in the title of that episode. 

“Carry On” is obviously a nod to "Carry On Wayward Son," the well-known tune from the rock group Kansas. (SPN's protagonists, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, were born in Kansas and have lived there nearly continuously for the second half of the series.)

The song’s chorus is as follows: "Carry on, my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest, don't you cry no more."

So . . .  here is my idea . . . 

Sam and Dean, with assistance from whichever allies are still alive and in Earth dimension at that point, vanquish all (or at least most) of all paranormal evil on Earth. (This makes sense in my head – after all, ask yourself . . . when was the last time you personally saw a wendigo, kitsune, gorgon, djinn, or even a vampire, werewolf, ghoul or ghost?)

In the process, however, Sam and Dean make the ultimate sacrifice – and this time it finally sticks. Billie/Death herself comes for them, assuring them that this is not a punishment but a reward. As they ascend with her to Heaven, their last view is that of the wooden table in their bunker home, which now has the initials JW carved into it, presumably for their father John Winchester, alongside the extant MW (their mother Mary Winchester), SW and DW. 

(We already are aware, from an episode in Season 14, that John and Mary are together and happy in Heaven.)

Meanwhile, back on Earth, because bodies no longer need to be salted-and burned to keep them dead, the surviving hunters give a traditional Western-style burial to Sam and Dean (complete with headstones giving their birth dates and death dates), next to John and Mary in the cemetery. The friends vow to meet there annually to keep all four Winchester grave sites tidy.


PAN IN on a pleasant backyard outside a typical suburban Midwestern home. We see two BOYS, one aged about 5, the other apparently around 9. They are playfully wrestling together on the lawn. In the distance we can see a man and a woman in their 30s setting a picnic table on a patio near the house itself.

A newspaper section blows into the yard near the children. The YOUNGER BOY lets go of the older one, picks it up and reads aloud the banner headline at the top.


Happy Labor Day 1988 from the Kansas City Star!


Hey, that's good reading! I'm proud of you!


And it will be even better as soon as I start kindergarten tomorrow.


You WOULD be excited for school!


I think I hear Mom and Dad calling us to the patio for dinner.


Yay! Mom promised us meatloaf AND pie! I'll race you there!




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