Sam and Dean are orphans; now I am, too

And it's a really tough place to be.

I just watched the re-run of the Supernatural episode "Game Night" — Season 14 Episode 17 -- which originally aired exactly one year before I became an orphan. I had never before seen it, because I did not even start watching SPN until a few weeks ago. At the very end, the brothers' previously resurrected mother died for the second and final time due to a quasi-celestial accident.

As a veteran of the "family business" of "saving people and hunting things," Mary Winchester got a traditional hunter funeral (cremation on a pyre) and, later on, a proper wake with dozens of friends back in "the bunker," the family home.

However, here in the real world, because of the pandemic, we were unable to have much of a funeral, and certainly not a wake. The best I will be able to do is maybe an unveiling next year, if the pandemic is over by then and my personal circumstances permit.

Moreover, due to greedy ex-in-laws who live to file lawsuits, I cannot be completely public about my loss . . . which is why I am writing this "news" only vaguely, in blog form, under a pseudonym, and still with some trepidation. 

Especially given all of the above, watching the show gives me great comfort.

According to the subsequent episodes, the Winchester parents are happy together in Heaven.

I want to believe that mine are, as well.

In fact, in order not to go completely crazy, I HAVE to.


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