on the road again, for the first time, in a way

I relate completely to this recent article, because, even as I type this in a budget motel room, I doing the same thing. I however am heading in the opposite direction, and at a much different stage of life, with different responsibilities and reasons, and, mostly, because, as the saying goes, if not now, when?

For me, it seemed in some ways the most practical way of making the move. I wanted to bring my car across the country; I wanted to keep my most important papers physically with me; and I especially wanted to give myself the chance to visit with five relatives/friends whom I had not seen in many years, and, to be perfectly frank, none of us are getting younger/healthier.

But also it was about challenging myself to do something difficult — driving long distances solo -- that many people of my age (or ANY age) would not do.

Ultimately, it is all about having faith in myself and faith in the future.


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