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Desert Rose

Star of the Desert

The Meanderings of Mazal HaMidbar

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Living well is the best revenge, it is said
Desert Rose
My favorite character on my favorite television show recently was characterized thus by her admiring ex-husband: "Many people have under-estimated you over the years. Most of them are dead now."

Here in the real world, for me, that translates to my adopting yet another life goal: Outliving everyone who has ever screwed me over. It's a long damned list, and many of them are younger than me. So I need to start taking much better care of myself.

I think I will start with going to bed now.

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I wonder how you define that?

I guess that I am not sure I understand your question, though I appreciate your asking. Is it how do I define living well? How do I define taking care of myself? Or something else?

Taking care of myself would mean such basics as getting more/better sleep, eating less/better food, wearing sunscreen, and other routine practices that most people do as a matter of course, but I don't.

Living well -- other than trying to get to a place of financial stability, including separating myself from those people who seem to actively try to prevent me from doing that -- would mean meeting my four primary goals. They are simple but profound: I want to read, I want to write, I want to sing, and I want to travel.

I do read quite a bit. I am now singing in a band. I just had my first non-fiction article in nearly five years posted online and will even be getting paid (very little, but paid) for it. Traveling includes such simple things as going to museums and other area attractions, and I am finally starting to do that, as well.

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