Thrilled about upcoming biography

I am so psyched that a biography of Eleanor Cameron is due to be published Feb. 15. ("Eleanor Cameron: Dimensions of Amazement" by Paul V. Allen.

Cameron did YA before it was cool and before it was called that and before it was normalized for women to write speculative fiction.

The following posted below is a review of my favorite book of hers -- not just my favorite YA novel but one of my favorite books ever. This particular one is not speculative fiction.

The review is good but does not mention several other points in the book's favor, including the "lion and the unicorn" tapestries, the positive influence of Scottish heritage in the household that hosts the heroine in what appears to be Monterey, Calif., and the fact that the tumultuous adult relationships are elucidated age-appropriately but clearly.…/eleanor-camerons-spell-is…


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