May 11th, 2019

Desert Rose

Annual Father's Day fic, posted a few weeks early this year . . .

I am today posting this short fanfic from some time back because it relates closely to an old episode that some online friends and I are re-watching . . . 

Leviticus 19:28 by Mazal HaMidbar

     This is about the Nineties television show “The Sentinel.” In Season One, the title character, Police Detective Jim Ellison, has just rescued Blair Sandburg his sometime work partner, housemate and best friend — from a serial killer. The anthropology doctoral candidate notes that in some societies this would make Jim his permanent “blessed protector” and then offers to have the police department logo tattooed on himself in gratitude. Jim responds, “You get a tattoo and your blessed protector is going to kick your ass down seven flights of stairs to the lobby.”
     This was written for a fan competition years ago whose goal was to explain Jim’s over-the-top objection to a buddy’s wish to get a tattoo. Jim’s inner monologue refers to his father, William Ellison, a wealthy, emotionally distant businessman who raised Jim and his younger brother alone after their mother left the family. Single fatherhood was highly unusual for the timeframe (1960s and 1970s). 

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